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So that thing when Google have lots of semi-abandoned projects on the go... can we call it Alphabet soup now?

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Been running OSMC now for about five months. A few stability issues and the default skin is a bit overly minimal but it's still the best set-top media software I've ever used. Stick it on a Raspberry Pi and connect it to your network and you have a fantastic media center. I even managed to get a cheap USB sound card working on it so I could input my turntable.

There is even a dodgy hack of retro-pi you can install to let it play emulated games, though they have some preliminary plans for something a bit safer and official for retro-gaming needs so I'm holding off for that.

Most win compatible IR remotes work out of the box now with it and you can run either the official Kodi mobile remote app or something third-party like Yatse (

Overall for the price of a Raspberry Pi (£29.99 - you get something that easily knocks the Chromecast on it's arse IMO.

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Don't see the point of running a headless version of Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi over the available Debian builds. Or the benefits of making IoT apps on Windows 10 vs Linux in general.

I'm sure firms Microsoft reps will say different though.

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NEW! 7 days to the general election; 7 posters from the 1975 'Watch Out! There's a Politician About' campaign. 

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Not having to reboot into Windows or fire up the Xbox to play a Batman Arkham game? Have we come that far?

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Sad news. Was a great light OS, that was awesome in old kit and netbooks.

"CrunchBang Development Halted"
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