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I've seen this but yet feel sad for both of them whenever i see it coz both gave a big contribution to the world...
Both?!?!?! Hell no, steve gave the world the just some illusions he reinvented the world by adding video calls 6 years after Nokia did.... please it's sad that he's considered a genius ... he's just a good busines man.
The way I see it is, Dennis made something for people like him to use (minority) while Steve made something most people could use so of course Steve would get more recognition.
+Robert Moreno - Without Dennis Ritchie you would not have ANY of what Steve Jobs is famous for.. nor would you have Windows, or any gaming console.. Steve Jobs was a visionary, but he did not invent the bases on which his devices come from.. that would be Dennis Ritchie.
+Justin Jones I get what you're saying but what I'm trying to say is why should people expect the general public to know who Dennis is? Obviously he's a giant for all he's done but at the same time it's like me expecting someone to know who the inventor of the pencil is over Walt Disney.
+Justin Jones its not about who deserves more respect. they both do. period. however, neither one of them deserve any more respect than ANY human being on this planet. They both contributed, GREAT!

The idea that there is no Steve without Dennis is just SUCH A BAD argument. There would not be a million 'things' without 'something' to come before it. Something like C would have eventually been created, someone would have eventually created a music player that did so well. That these were the ones to do it.... I dont know. They deserve recognition for their achievements, but they are no better than anyone else.

Not to take away one's ambition and/or drive, it may have taken someone with less ambition/drive twice as long. But I believe it would have happened regardless.
i think the comparison should not ve been done at all. it was enough just to talk aboar Deniss and his honours
. this photo is a "complain"
+Robert Huttinger I was never really referring to "respect", and as far as the theory of "it would have come along eventually" that's a whole different topic that could start with evolution itself.. I don't agree that every human being on the planet deserves the same respect however.. (Hitler vs. Ghandi for example)
+Robert Moreno Understood.. but I think the point of the photo is to help educate everyone on who he was and what he had done for everyone. Media will always have a bias to flaunt what is popular and ignore what is not.
It's preety simple to understand that Dennis gave birth to a baby i.e. C but people like Steve have been bringing it into our lives otherwise it was just invented and supposed to be lost due to lack of interest and lack of challenging spirit to bring it into the day today's life of everyone ,So world was always in need of both kind of people (Dennis & many other like Steve)
Steve Jobs was a moron. He refused treatment for his cancer for around 10 month in lieu of seeking other folk lore remedies, like pyramids and crap like that. Some scientist, just a glorified hippy who had a few good ideas. He'd likely be alive today if he had just went with modern medicine, instead of stupidly seeking out holistic treatments, which have never been proven to cure one damn thing. Some smart guy, talk about over rated.
+Tamar Todua Fair enough. I think we should remember that we're all standing on the shoulders of giants.
My heartfelt condolence.. May his soul rest in peace..
Man, I hated learning C at Uni. But I like using a lot of that other stuff, so RIP Dennis!
i think it's highly debatable to think steve jobs was a moron because he refused modern medicine........good that he sought other options...that is what he 'felt' he should do.....but that doesn't mean
that modern medicine would have saved them, you don't know this and no one does...would have been another chance...... and yeah BOTH were huge contributors to how we live our lives now and I'm grateful for both of them, despite what they choose to survive...that's very personal and everyone has their own thoughts on that....
A fair point Jim. I dont know or care who invented COBOL, & it runs half the bloody world!
I doubt Dennis Ritchie would be have much of a taste for the sour grapes expressed in this post.
C is awesome... it's amazing how much you see it in other compilers like java and of course C++, C# and even to program some small modern devices like routers, etc. Linux/Unix rely so heavily on a mix of C and C++, people would be amazed. The syntax is copied all the time, too, but that's the highest form of flattery and how we got where we are today, by building off the achievements of others. You can't compare these two people, though. They're two different people who accomplished two different things, but the combined knowledge created some amazing devices and brought those devices to the masses. I had mp3s in '95, and that was great, but I needed a computer to play them. I then had a portable MP3 CD player a few years later, but most people still didn't know what an MP3 was. In 2000 people still asked me to make them audio cd mixes... "Why!?!" I would ask. Then Steve promoted his iPod and finally the average joe was on-board. Kudos to Steve for bringing the masses up-to-speed and for the most part eliminating the general fear of technology! FYI, Steve MADE himself a mascot for Apple along with his other duties... the "face" of Apple you could say. I'm sure if Dennis wanted fame, he could have easily achieved it.
A: You know Steve Jobs? He passed away.
B: Who Steve?
A: The former CEO of Apple.
B: Oh! That's sad!

A: You know Dennis Ritchie? He passed away.
B: Who Dennis?
A: The father of C language and Unix.
B: What is C?

The fact is that the media and/or most of the readers/subscribers have little knowledge about C/C++/Unix and hence less talk about Dennis.. To me, both were great contributors..

I would take the picture as condemning how media runs rather than a complaint.. Peace!!
Most of us are a product of the media. If our media had interviewed Ritchie 1,000 times or named him the Man of the Year, etc, etc, praising him,... well, we'd be sorry too about him passing away.
He's dead. I'm sure he doesn't care. He was ignored his entire living life also, and I didn't hear a peep from him.
It's a real shame when people get over-shadowed like this
Of course C is my first ACTUAL programming language. Like something first love
One reason for the difference in popularity of these two fine gentlemen and many other contributors like them can be explained when we admit our top government employees anticipates large emerging markets and proactively create and promote the American companies that will service these new markets. The names Bill Gates (transistor), Steve Jobs, (jobs), Larry Page (web page) are a few examples of where a large benefactor, government with extensive media influences, pushes a company and its leadership to the fore. I suspect these proactive government employees become proud of 'their' accomplishments, the companies they helped plan, create, grow, and nurture, and give these companies more attention than our natural creative people. It's National Security of course....
Apparently both these guys owe a tremendous debt to whoever invented white plastic.
I think Steve was more of a Marketing genius than much as a 'techie'. No disrespect at all - he was the one who came up with 'what' apple should produce and what people want from a mobile phone or MP3 player (as well as the idea to lock people into proprietary hardware) - it was the technical genius like the Woz and others who made it happen. Dennis Richie was more of a techie genius who's name would be recognized by just about any programmer worth their salt - but not many others.
Contribution != name recognition.
I am a very vocal fan of Steve Jobs, but I have to admit that Dennis Ritchie may have had deeper and wider impact on our world. Many many things rest on a foundation of C.
Hey i never knew that seems like Dennis Ritchie was a good guy/inventor +1'd
I salute Dennis, without him my career would likely be nonexistent.
RIP - Dennis Ritchie - he is a hero.
Both men contributed a lot. Dennis, however never sought much attention and accordingly never got it until people cared enough to stand up for him. So the lesson is: Some things are usually as they ought to be.
I don't mean to denigrate Richie, but C is a kludgy if effective language and if it didn't exist, there were many other candidate languages to implement the things we have today. Language design is not rocket science. On the other hand, Jobs was a visionary the likes we have seldom seen.
...uh........ I got a C+ on my last test :)
Rest in peace Dennis - I am sure he was respected within the industry and was rewarded well for his brilliance/contributions - at least I hope so.
I'm a big fan of K&R and a long time C/C++ programmer but this is comparing apples and oranges. If C/C++ had not been invented all those systems or their equivalents would have been made using some other language. There's no reason to compare the men or their achievements, personally I don't admire Jobs or Apple at all.
IMHO it is classic trolling. These two people are from different categories and they should not be compared. It's not fair! Especially because both are dead.
According to your logic you should disgrace Dennis because of every poor or bad program (viruses, trojans etc.) created using C, C++ or Objective C. Right?
C - is an instrument to create products, not a product. It's like hummer. And you are saying that it is not architect and workers, that built Burj Dubai for exemple, who deserve respect, but the people who invented all instruments used by these people. It's not fair!
Yeah, in ancient times, it was about who was left alive to write the hisotries. These days, it is about your marketing skills. Bill Gates didnt invent DOS, but he got lucky & got rich. Adolf Hitler didnt invent fear & rasicm, but by god he knew how to market it. And Steve Jobs knew that you could take year-old technology from other brands of phone, tweak it enough to patent it, make it look cool & sell it as innovative technology to idiots.
Almost as when are own family departs this world... We grieve, as most do, but there is always someone that pops in for an ulterior motive. Greed or controversy.
I am somewhat appalled that there are no reservations for ones achevement in live, no matter what the contribition was to achieve that goal.
Very few of us can say after x number of years, that is my legacy ive departed, and my contribition will change humanity as we speak......
Both gentlemen deserve immence respect at their family's time of grief..

Darryl Way
And of course lets not forget the other famous, porrly covered deaths of 2011 - Columbo, Sarah-Jane Smith & Alfred!
Whutchoo talkin about Willis?!?
that was bad.
Steve Jobs is manifestly a marketing visionary and an advertising genius. Nobody is arguing that he hasn't made a magnificent contribution to the popularisation of well designed operating systems, with well designed hardware and software. His work as a counterpoint to Microsoft Windows' dominance is beautiful.
Nobody is arguing that the story of Dennis Ritchie's life would make a 'thrill a minute' best selling tale of boardroom backstabbing, intellectual property re-appropriation, wheeling or dealing to rival Steve Jobs' memoirs.
The point is clearly that Dennis Ritchie, in collaboration with Ken Thompson, was brilliant enough to invent some very important tools (C, the C shell, & shell scripting for that matter) because they required these tools to design Unix, an operating system so beautifully well conceived that now, decades later, Unix or unix-like systems run just about every non-microsoft computer on earth, from embeded dvd players, iPhones, Android phones, iMacs, through to most top 500 super computers. Further, the tool that they developed for designing Unix (the C language) was so well designed for its intended purpose that decades later it is still being used, extended and developed for use in the vast bulk of the remainder of computers in the world today, Microsoft systems included.
I'm happy to click a +1 button to give Dennis Ritchie more recognition that he's received to date. I seriously doubt that Steve Jobs would object.
the iWorld might not miss you, or doesnt even know who you were.. but some of us do. rest in peace dmr! (for anyone who doesnt know, dmr was Dennis' username)
some of the greatest inventors of our time (or any time for that matter) stand on the shoulders of giants. We all owe our gifts, talents, and creative spirit to God (our creator in chief).
Without Dennis there would have been no job for Steve LOL!
Two big losses for technology fraternity in short time. Great pioneers in their fields. People might forget steve but not Dennise. We live with his great invention for years to come.. Thanks Dennise and Steve for making our lives simple and enjoyable
This post is in very bad taste and dishonors both men.
I agree with Sara. This post is in bad taste. A post that honored Dennis Richie would have been appropriate. Its incredibly bad taste to associate this with Steve Jobs.
Well claiming either of those groups of things would not have happened without these men is really nonsense. If Steve Jobs never existed, some other individual good at marketing would be overcharging people for their products while limiting developers' freedoms. If Dennis never existed, some other 2nd level procedural language would have become the standard and OOP would have evolved out of that, and all of that software would be written in that. Hell, all of that software COULD be written in Assembly or even machine code.

Dennis deserves much more respect for his contributions though,
The real TALENTS and HEROES will be celebrated only in their absence...My Pranamams
its sad to know even today people rn't valuing him,

Overall rating
That is a really cool person...however, I still think that Steve Jobs is better.
It's not because Dennis Ritchie created a language only programmers know about while Steve Jobs made a consumer product. It's more because crazy media decided to wind up Steve, to make from here a hero and genius. Stupid decision which then caused exponential re-posting of the same stupid ideas.
we live only once but what we achieve stays on for ever, do you want to make money or serve the people or save the future, if your idea is the ideal way to save the humans in a kind way is it worth the effort even if you dont get any money for doing it but get a full satisfaction that u can rest in peace
this is what i've been saying all along!!!...I love writing code in java and c#!!!!!!................Dennis Ritchie will be missed by all coders alike
Also Bill Gates donated 99% of his fortune, and he's seen as a bad guy. You guys are retarded.
dont like iphone like slide touch cell phone ya
You are playing the same game as media, aren't you? To increase the eyeballs, you need to create something controversial. So here we go ...

Why do you have to compare people? Just because they died in the same month? Just like people compare Chaplin and Hitler because they were born 4 days apart !! What difference does it make?

On what basis is a comparison required? Just because they were involved in technical industry? If we are going by the geek mythology ... a closer comparison will be Steve Wozniak and Dennis Ritchie ... with the difference being that one found a great partner to pull him in to limelight, and the other did not. They both have the beard to go along too, so something must be common. Since the geeks like Woz so much, think how similar Woz will be to Dennis without the other Steve to market his wares. My guess is ... almost the same.

All cynicism aside, both were great in their own way. I have used both their tools and can't complain. [ But the number of people "directly" using Dennis's tools are probably 0.1 % of people using Steve's tools, so if you count the headlines, obviously you will have a gap. ]
The irony in this picture is that everybody clicked on it because they saw Steve Jobs
If Steve was a brilliant artist that captured the beauty of nature into a great paint then Dennis would have been the God who had created that beautiful nature in the very first place. But do you know why Dennis died a week after Steve ? Because they were upgrading there IT systems up there in the skies and they needed someone up to the job. Well, after a week of hiring Steve, great god decided he needed a proper Engineer ... Anyway, Peace Upon their soles !
I would say if they feel they have not completed some thing in their mind they wont rest in peace
Great ideas gets transfered to some one and once it is implmented they will rest in peace
I think the "we wouldn't have C or Photoshop or iPods" misses the mark. We would still have something to take their places. Who knows, the alternatives might have been even better. But what we DO have are products and ideas that are influential around the world, and they both deserve recognition for their contributions. There's nothing to be gained by weighing them against one another.
Dennis was pioneer inventor of the Computer Software and programmer.... He is the real hero....
I think +Ernest Richard Rugenstein, Ph.D. is just trying to gain publicity with this stunt! Its frankly a very boring meaningless picture and we've been through this already!

Did you check out the video by +Chris Pirillo on this subject
Windows 8 Thoughts

Both these guys are important but they should be not compared like this. Its really demeaning!
Real heros are heros because they go un noticed for there accomplishments because they don't need the attention whydo you think superheroes wear masks.....
I like the idea of acknowledging the writers.
Go Dennis! Love C++. Steve Jobs. Well all he does is just release things after everyone else invents it and slaps his logo on it and charges an extra 100 dollars or more.
Not again! Asking others to share something you didn't make, or even give proper attribution to...! (I'm guilty of this as well, but at least I didn't ask others to share it.)

My turn:
Please +1 this comment.
If we lived in a world where intelligence is held higher than showmanship, or people valued intellectual property like real property then this picture would never have been. Both men would be commended respectively. But the fact is you have to make something flash to get ones attention :(
+Thomas Foster if you were in Job's shoes and looked into the success rates of industry-sanctioned cancer treatments, you'd be looking for alternatives too. It is an epic scandal.
with K&R book being my college bible, I can't say better then the author of this post... but I suppose general public is just ignorant enough to understand who Dennis Ritchie really was... Unlike the inventor of shiny iPhone they can hold in their hand....
No doubt, CharlesBabbage was the one who gave a body,but what the existence of a body without soul,here GOD sent an angel in the world of digital universe known as Dennis Ritchie to gift a soul to that body and an artistic beutician known as Steve Jobs gave some beutification to that body so that we can dive into the digital universe....
Lets give a homage to ,a great soul Dennis Ritchie.......and we want to see him again in this world.....
cool Dennis is really a gr8 man.Programmers know the importance of his contribution
Very true.. C was and is my favorite language. In fact today I use Java, and I love it partly because, when I code, it is C. Great man.. Great contribution!
Google a living saint and you get nada.There are so many of us that live wonderful lives and remain for ever unknowable. How many shooting stars are named? Hi Dennis you shared my dads name!
I'm just here to show my respect for the dead.
salute the father of c language! Being a programmer is a selection to be silent in this world.
Wow. He seems important. Because we all use this on a daily basis.
This is worthy of resharing
u dont realize that sum1 as bright as stve jobs and dennis ritchie does not come along commonly like broccoli in a supermarket my point is that if dennis ritchie dint then for a long time no one would because u hv 2 b as bright as him to invent something like dat without a canvas there is no painting there is just paint that falls to the ground
so sad he didn't get the attention he deserved. and now he's getting it after he died. wish i knew about this guy when he was still here.
Shut up !!! If there was no C, there was B. Maybe D/E/F/G... came up from somebody else.And there might be Los, pPhone, doojel... blabla
Do not be so absurd OR so childish thinking. Use your brain !!!
Dennis deserve our respect, but not you ass way fantacy assument.
If the PC didnt exist ---> C would be worthless. Never the less C is very important and the dude made a great change in our world and way of living
really he deserves it..........
A great man deserves our respect...
our society only honors those who make money. How many know the father of Green Revolution.
Puvi P
Salute to him
C was the 4th language I learned after Filipino, English, and Pascal. It's a shame I never got the news that Dennis Ritchie had passed away had it not been for this 'What's Hot?' item posted 3 months after his death...
Yes this is correct. Dennis was a true legend. He gave us a lot.
worlds no1 appil compiny dennis was so derth big happin

gmr site air port
Of course. Without C there is no Civilization. Thank you Dennis.
Its a sad fact that this world follows (like twitter 'follow') only the persons who are in the Spotlight! Others are simply ignored or not even focused! Only the developers/collegers and students know the value of C and ofcourse the man behind it!

R.I.P> Dennis Ritchie
And even less people noticed and will remember the third person who passed away after these two - John McCarthy - one whose work in the field of computer science is so influential.
Look, if we were all omniscient, we would all be very sad at the loss of someone, somewhere, every second.

Enough with this thread, the premise is wrong in every way. There is no camparison to be made. I guarantee you if Snookie died, it would be bigger news that Dennis.

We live in a flawed world, change it or shut up.

RIP Dennis (outside of people dragging your name into useless discussions)
People who live in the public light, are mourned in a public light.
yah but snookie doesnt exist because of dennis
I think the 'i' in iDevices stand for ignorant
this... again?
It has been here since... well, since they died.
This is the media that CONTROLS what we are supposed to know. That's why people know Steve more. Come on people: "think different!"
This. Again.

This news was hardly unknown among coders, or anyone followed Tech diligently. More embarrassingly, image fails to mention Mr.Ritchie's last name, which you'd think, given the context, would've been top priority.
It does mention his last name, third line down.
This is Og. Og invented the wheel, and without it there would be no C. If you think Og deserves our respect, please pass this along.
....without Alistair E. Ritchie and his wife there is no Dennis Ritche. Without Dennis there is no C and so on... the chain continues.
Left side of pic (earned on the blood and sweat of others) Right side of pic (unsung hero of the human collective)
@Robert Moreno - probably no one could understood your point in the first comment. I do that and agree 110% ...
Wow. Okay. Then we should all honor Dennis Ritchie too.
there is no doubt that Steve was a genius and a hero and his death was a very sad and shocking event, however i think that apple made a commercial from his death.
I understand where you were headed with the comparison. Problem is you can't go around throwing everyones name into the pile. Dennis earned respect but what about the person that introduced his parents to each other? His first grade teacher that moved his interest in the direction of computers... blah blah blah.
I agree, Dennis needs the attention (and I say this as someone that prefers Wirthian languages).
SANTHOSHKUMAR- there is no doubt that Steve was a genius and a hero and his death was a very sad and shocking event, however i think that apple made a commercial from his death.
Feb 2, 2012
Robert MacEwan - I understand where you were headed with the comparison. Problem is you can't go around throwing everyones name into the pile. Dennis earned respect but what about the person that introduced his parents to each other? His first grade teacher that moved his interest in the direction of computers... blah b

Who knew? I certainly didn't and even if you can't add everyone's name to the pile, can't you at least give them the respect they deserve?
Who knew? I certainly didn't and even if you can't add everyone's name to the pile, can't you at least give them the respect they deserve?
Who knew? I certainly didn't and even if you can't add everyone's name to the pile, can't you at least give them the respect they deserve?
Who knew? I certainly didn't and even if you can't add everyone's name to the pile, can't you at least give them the respect they deserve?
Im sorry. I have no idea why that came up so many times.
Im sorry. I have no idea why that came up so many times.
Im sorry. I have no idea why that came up so many times.
Someone messed up their do while loop!

On a semi related, semi unrelated note, Dennis looks like a dude I would actually wan't to sit and talk with.
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