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Warmer Weather = Relaxed Chickens

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Lucy, My White Crested Blue Polish, Recovers Thanks to Lakeside Animal Hospital
On Tuesday morning we discovered that our white crested blue polish chicken, Lucy, was not acting normal. Normally the spunkiest of the bunch she was sitting in the corner with her head facing the wall, panting and not eating or drinking. This was so unlike...

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Chickens and Snow
Well, today Richmond got its first snow of the year. It was not much - maybe an inch - nothing like what they got in the north east but it was enough to make the chickens happy. Here are some pictures: Should we come outside? Exploring... More exploring... ...

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Chicken Food Recipe
Banana, Carrot and Yogurt Oatmeal for Chickens: You will need: - 1 large carrot - 1 cup oats - 1 brown banana - 1/2 cup plain yogurt Instructions: Bring a small pot of water to a boil. Grate one large carrot and place it in the pot. Boil for approximately 1...

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Do chickens appreciate art?
I am not a painter - but every trimester at school we do a long term project called Exploratory where we get to choose something we are interested in and pursue it. I have decided I would like to learn how to paint - so I am painting my chickens. I am not a...

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Winter Weather
I am sorry I have not posted in so long - I have been really busy! Due to a small miracle I finished the coop over winter break. It now has an inside and an outside section and a ramp in between! There is lots of hay to keep them warm, a hanging feeder and ...

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As expected the chickens are growing fast and eating a ton of  food! Check out the pictures below:

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The chickens are all doing well - I just wanted to give an update. They have grown massive amounts and are eating so much food I can hardly keep up. As they are enjoying themselves inside eating I spent all of last weekend outside working on the chicken coo...

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Predator Proofing
This weekend I worked on predator proofing my chicken coop foundation. This may not seem like a  big deal but it turns out anything will eat a chicken. Rats, dogs, raccoon, hawks etc. Not only do you have to make sure that every crack is sealed but you need...

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Wings with Feathers
This morning when I walked downstairs to check on my chickens I opened the lid and  one chicken flew all the way up to the top of the box and them fell right back down into the food bowl, rolled over and got up again. I picked the chicken up and looked at i...
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