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Saving animals or making money? Why not both?
The Atlantic Bluefin tuna is the largest
fish in the tuna species and until recently was one of the most abundant.
However, research published last month show that their numbers in the wild have
dropped a staggering 96%. This top-of-the-food-chain predator,...

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Science needs a facelift
I remember sitting in my year 10 science class, listening
to the murmurs around the room as we got our final test back. There were sighs
and the occasional swear word, but what seemed all too common was the vow from
the majority of students to not do scienc...

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Time is precious
What do we spend our time doing? And I
don’t mean what do we do most of the time, I mean all of the time. All 86,400
seconds of every day. I recently read an article likening time to currency and
that said that we receive $86,400 every morning in a bank acc...

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The Americans have a point
I’d first like to apologize for my hiatus
from blogging for the last week or so. I was too busy spending time with my
American cousins who had come down for the week to experience all that
Melbourne had to offer. Whilst they learnt a lot of things like what...

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Difference in opinion
Last week, I was sitting in a tutorial and
we were discussing the environmental and economic effects of the changing
climate on different countries around the world. It wasn’t long before I found
myself head to head with a blatant climate change denier who ...

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Are you ok?
Ever since I was little, my
mum has always had a poster up in front of her desk that says “Be nicer than
necessary, because every person you meet is fighting some kind of battle” I believe
that in light of today being ‘Are you ok?’ day this is particularly ...

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Why don't kids want to be entrepreneurs?
How many children, when asked what they
want to be when they grow up answer with “an entrepreneur”? I’d argue that it
wouldn’t be many. This is because from an early age, the life of an
entrepreneur is vilified as a selfish and often fruitless pursuit of mo...

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Are you pitching the right way?
On Wednesday night was the inaugural Global
Challenges pitching event at Inspire 9 in Richmond and our enterprise team got
the chance to pitch our idea to a panel of successful entrepreneurs. This was
an awesome opportunity and our lead up was filled with e...

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How badly do we want it?
I was recently reading an article about
Australian test cricket opener David Warner and his 100-day abstinence from
alcohol. When asked why he was doing it, he insisted that it was to keep his
body in prime condition. Whilst it may seem quite normal, as it ...
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