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Colin Mitchell
Developing practical solutions to real-world teaching and learning challenges
Developing practical solutions to real-world teaching and learning challenges

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Great to more material to empower young web users to be savvy and safe web users!
Introducing #BeInternetAwesome, a new way for kids to learn how to be smart, confident explorers of the online world →

Question question - can anyone recommend a good tool for linking/syncing Google+ and Twitter posts. So you post in one place and it goes to both services?

I seem to remember that +Mark Allen mentioned something like this but it was a long time ago and I can't remember the details.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Great new forms feature to allow files for upload!

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How far will the 'social media revolt go?

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Go #BacktoSchool with new #GoogleEdu tools designed for students, teachers & guardians to take learning beyond the classroom.
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Something worth looking into...

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A nice 'featured posts' add-on for Blogger to help the blog owner showcase specific posts.
Now you can easily highlight the posts that matter most with the new Featured Post gadget. When you add it to your blog, you can choose anything you’ve posted and showcase it wherever you’d like. From reposting popular holiday recipes to running promotions, it’s a simple way to help your readers see what's most important.

Learn more about it here:

What’s a favorite post from the archives you plan on showing off?


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This was great event!

Thanks for the opportunity to hear some of the exciting new features that Google has in store for +Google for Education and to give some direct feedback to +Liz Sproat on what can make this great service even better!

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How to use Google Docs to make beautiful looking docs.
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