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Katie Haskins
Currently in the process of changing careers.
Currently in the process of changing careers.

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Getting closer
I just have a few more rows to do before I get to the border. So close. I'm already thinking of my next project, not sure if it will be crochet or cross-stitch. Or maybe I'll do a latch hook for a change. I know there's another HAED challenge starting in Au...

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I've finished with the middle panel and have reached the halfway mark on the afghan. I also picked up work for 1 day a week and decided to treat myself to two Character Creation charts from Ebay.

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New things
So I've started working on the Aran Hearts Afghan for the wedding present in September. Probably best I started this early because I keep dropping stitches. Got through the entire popcorn section and half of the 2nd arrows when I realized I had dropped 2 af...

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Lazy daisies aren't lazy
It's complete. There were a lot of lazy daisies. Now to pick something that isn't green.

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Onto the backstitching
I've finished all the cross stitching. A close up of the faces before backstitching. I've gotten most of the border done, but I realized when I went to get a new length, I used the wrong color for the castle. So now I get to frog all of that.

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I'm getting close to finishing. The border and the faces shouldn't take too long. But then the backstitching begins. And the beads...

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Page 3 reminded me why I do parking with confetti heavy pieces. Damn you ninja stitches! Also, I was a bad girl and bought more stash. Herrschners had 33% clearance and HAED had 50% off charts... I realize the sweater is a knit pattern, but I am going to te...

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Why am I still stitching green?
I switched from Insanity because of the green, but I'm still doing green. At least I can intersperse it with another color. I'm getting near the bottom of my fabric. Apparently, I miscalculated my margins when I started this piece. I will have far less on t...

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A page finish
Amazing how much I can get done when not working all week (aside from trying to find a job). Page 2. I'll fill in the border when it's farther along. As such, this will be my last stash purchase for a while. (Damn you Herrschners) And I shall try to not sta...

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DWTS Season 24: Week 10 Night 2
Last episode of the season. Who will bring home the mirrorball? Simone. That was a short little dance. Heather is probably the only female celebrity that could've blended in with that routine. Maybe normani. Heather should be in the finale.  I have no idea ...
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