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Felix Wunderlich
I'm a simple game developer from Ireland
I'm a simple game developer from Ireland

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Plazma Being - IndieGala Friday Special Bundle
Hey guys, just a heads up that Plazma Being and other great Steam games are now up for grabs over on IndieGala: Get 'em while they're hot!

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Systematic Immunity Demo
Hey guys,
I've finally gotten round to putting that demo together for Systematic Immunity :) You can download it on my website or on IndieDB . The demo features the first 20 levels of the game, which should give a fairly good impression of what the game is ...

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February Update - My experiences with releasing on Steam and Greenlight
So it's been a busy and exciting past couple of weeks. Plazma Being went up on Steam on the 9th of February and Systematic Immunity went up on Greenlight on the 25th. Wall of text time :P I'll talk about Plazma Being first. Naturally I was over the moon to ...

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New Year New News
So first things first...Plazma Being got Greenlit!!! 0_0 So I'm currently in the process of getting all that sorted. I's nice to know that more people will become acquainted with Zeb and his adventures in the near future :-) I'm also absolutely delighted th...

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Stomach Acid Liquid Physics
Hey all, just a quick update on what I've been up to for the last days. Got some physics going for the stomach acid at last :-) So now when your cells fall in they create waves and splashes instead of just sinking down without effecting the acid at all. I u...

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Systematic Immunity Progress Update: Bosses :-D
So I've been working a lot on level design mainly for the last while.
I've now got the the majority of the levels done for the game. That is
levels that's I'm happy with ;-) I've also decided to add in boss
battles at the end of each organ! Initially I w...

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New Trailer, New Name (again), Progress Made
Hey all,
so I couldn't help myself. I changed the name of the project again...but this is it now...I promise! Anyway, the new name is Systematic Immunity and for better or for worse it's staying. I made a new trailer as well for your viewing pleasure :-) So...

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Hypochondria becomes Patho(il)logical
So as the title suggests I've changed the name of my game from Hypochondria to Patho(il)logical. My ideas have been seesawing a bit for the last few months. First they go one way..and then another, but I think I've finally hit on what I want now, and so hav...

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Hypochondria Update #4 - Shaders
So for the past while I've been trying to dip my toes into the vast ocean that is HLSL shader programming....and oh my is it a vast ocean. But after some initial terror I've had some success :-) The two main things I was trying to achieve were some simple l...
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