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Mike Teed
landscape architect, curious designer, makes places for people via collaborative research and design
landscape architect, curious designer, makes places for people via collaborative research and design


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Boardwalks - or pedestrian bridges, trails, etc. - in low lying areas (i.e. shoreline environments) can act as a visual gauge and a reminder to take notice when an extreme weather event is taking place. Occasional events, like a winter king tide and/or storm surge, are particularly memorable when places that are normally above water become temporarily submerged.
The example below is in Port Moody during this morning's king tide.

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The City of Vancouver Archives has some really sweet flickr albums.

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A few photos I took on my recent trip to Maui.

The mountain top shots are taken from the summit of Haleakalā, at an elevation of 10,000 ft.

We were there on December 3 to watch the sunrise and were also fortunate in our timing to catch the last 'supermoon' of 2017 setting to the west right along the edge of the shadow cast by the volcano we were standing on as the sun rose to the east.

The photo with the palm trees is from our lanai (Hawaiian for balcony) at sunset.
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An Indigenous Art Park, the first of its kind in Canada, is slated to open in Edmonton's Queen Elizabeth Park in the fall of 2018.

The idea and location for this art park came about through Space2place's consultation work with the community, stakeholders, and the City during the development of the Queen Elizabeth Park Master Plan.

It's great to see this meaningful project coming to fruition.

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Explore PotashCorp Playland in Kinsmen Park in Saskatoon, SK via Google Street View.

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I'm happy to hear Vancouver will be proceeding with the dismantling of the (highway interchange-like) loops at the north end of the Granville St. Bridge in order to unlock these isolated parcels and allow for the creation of a more-habitable and inter-connected area that can enhance this part of the city.

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For those who like data displayed on maps, check out

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Interesting bit of trivia and a moral for designers that's a bit unnerving.

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There's a new app for The Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver. It features digital content that "animates sites along the North Shore Spirit Trail" and "provides a unique perspective on the history of particular sites."

Nice little app with lots of potential to grow as content is added in the future.

Available for iPhone on the App Store:
and for Android on the Google Play store:
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