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Atticus Review

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"I don't believe wells dry up. But I believe that the motivation to go to the well may. Every untold story is a love story, a sort of beginning. And in that way, every told story is the story of an end, a break-up. Getting from the untold to the told is a path to heartbreak."


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MOVING WORDS from Arts by the People

"Moving Words is an ARTS By The People project made possible by a generous grant from The Santiago Abut Foundation, in loving memory of Santi Abut. It is an exciting transnational collaboration amongst artists of prose, poetry, voice acting and animation. Moving Words intersects voices of all ages through twelve writers of various groups whose submitted works will transform into short films by students at the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design. These writers, under the guidance of ARTS By The People’s writing scholar, have their works voice acted by students at Drew University, and subsequently animated by college students in Israel."


#videopoetry #videopoems

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Nolan’s Modernist Masterpiece: A Review of Dunkirk

by Emily Moeck

"Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan, is not a war film, at least not in the way that Hollywood has trained us to expect. There are no grand heroics of male camaraderie, no narrative backstory of what the soldiers are fighting for, no epic battle sequences against the enemy. In fact, the enemy stays largely out of it."

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A Revival of Nuance: A Review of Lynn Nottage’s “Intimate Apparel”

by Rachel E. Diken

"To revive a play by Lynn Nottage is to revive nuance. Under the direction of Daniela Varon, Intimate Apparel shows this summer at Shakespeare & Company in the Berkshires."

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The Artichoke’s Heart

By Isabel Houck

"She thinks it’s clean, that after the initial shock, it is no longer sad. But she forgets death's clutter. How her records won't sound the same if she isn't the one dropping the needle. How all the things she will leave behind are worthless once empty of her. How just like the bit of artichoke meat left on the leaves, her home will decay without her."

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“There is a dead crow in the freezer, Annie”

By Nicole Mason

“Gender will be dead soon, and good riddance, I say. There is a dead crow in the freezer and you should feel its weight.”

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By Lauren Becker

"Jonathan is the first man Stacy has lived with to whom she is not related. He was dazzled by her Jewish exoticism, her blue eyes and long, curly hair, uncut since her early teens. Early on, he determined, practically, that Stacy was the prettiest girl in the small town. He appreciated her natural deference and eccentric charm. Having calculated the mathematical unlikelihood of someone better coming along within the next five years, Jonathan wooed her and they moved in together quickly. In this third year of living in the small Midwestern town, a pretty girl with short hair and few belongings started the PhD program in Linguistics. Jonathan moved into her immaculate studio apartment."

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Loving a Nightmare

A Review of Cult of Loretta by Kevin Maloney

Review by Alyssa Gillon

"Cult of Loretta is a quick and wild ride, funny in a way that makes a campfire-listener shake her head with disbelief at the survivor. At times the story reads like a drug memoir, and there’s some raw and gross imagery I’d rather not revisit. Other than that, spend a day or two lost in Nelson’s unrelenting and tumultuous love story. Nelson’s here to tell the tale, to provide a deadpan screen for a melodramatic story about obsessive love that sticks."

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The days are made brighter with Feral Town by @AdamGustavson.

Especially the Mondays.

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"What happened was extraordinary. Until I was in there floating, it hadn’t occurred to me just how rarely we’re truly without distraction." - Fiction Editor Michelle Ross
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