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Loving life and the beauty that surrounds us
Loving life and the beauty that surrounds us

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Trump Mob Connections?
One of Two longime journalists that had studies and reportsd about Trump mob ties write a detailed article in The Financial Times last year. Not a high profile magazine many articles about Trump-Mob-Russia ties were underreported in MSM. Read for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

I will be bringing other much more damning to this column. Read and draw you own conclusions.

[My one request is not to do what so many of us do on the Net: don't Some of what I will present is a slow read filled with details, foreign names and relationships. This isn't simple journalist written for an 8th grade reading level.] 

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Absolutely true and that proves for the negative as well.

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Will Legit Russian Whistleblowers Talk
Would the US government go into the Dark Net to seek out the groups that were hired to move against the US government and our elections?

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Andrew Puzder Withdraws From Consideration as Labor Secretary 

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Daria hits a homerun with this song!

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#1 Outgoddamnrageous...cuffing Toddlers at the Airport?
You may be an avid Trump supporter, but you must not support handcuffing toddlers and young children! You cannot in good conscience handcuff children. You know better! Call your Congressman and Senator. Outdamnrageous. [BTW I do not endorse the use of the word 'Nazi' in the following article.]

This a humane America not a 3rd world nation.

7 Errors In One Background Report
3 errors of minor consequence and 4 listed as major financial negatives have impacted my GoFundMe campaign.

I Started poking around sites like My L**e and others and got maddening results. My report was riddled with errors.

According to them I lived in Michigan and had two lien recordings. Never been to Michigan.

According to them there were three recordings for one business tax dispute. Two for another.

They showed 5 liens when there were on two tax LEIN disputes (paid of course) in 34 years in business. Then they showed the two false ones.

Check your records. You never know what you'll find.

On the positive side they found 20 sites that were selling my data and made it possible to request removal.

The next multimillionaire in the social net will be the first person to write an app that will erase info from unwanted sites with push of one button. It will be from many more sites that some do now.

Then,on an upgrade, do the same search and removal once a month.

If anyone's interested, my 'life restart' campaign is at

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And the Defense and Resistance Begins
What a difficult moment to watch.

The speech, according to Pulse calculation, was never judged above 'neutral' when all demographics were combined. He insulted virtually every officeholder and former officeholders on the the dias.

I would love to see a reporter get a positive reaction from an officeholders then ask, "Since he demands the Hill begin to take action, what have you been doing for your C terms? Simply building your personal wealth which is what he hints."

Defend and Resist

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What If It Was Your Kid?
I don't want to think of the hell I'd raise. What if it was your kid?
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