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The intake person decided our insurance was Medi-Cal because he hadn't seen it before and said they don't accept it. It was actually the top-tier policy for employees of a nearby county, so we went next door to the hospital. The urgent care waiting room was empty, but it looked like they just don't want business.
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I am not holding the hair my grandson found in the mashed potatoes...he will be ok with that. Really takes advantage of travelers in this very small town. Check the menu and your bill carefully! The waitress asked what the grandkids wanted to drink before bringing out the menus...they ordered sodas. She didn't say there were two sizes and defaulted to the large, fifty cents more. She told us the special was a steak sandwich for $7.25. We ordered two. We got the bill and found she charged two items from the kids menu as the adult version...a couple of bucks apiece more. She acted innocent and changed that. We saw she charged us $3 more for the special, using the menu price. We asked her about that. She said she told us the special was a chicken fried steak and it was our mistake. She pointed to a chalk board with an unreadable special where all one could read was $7.25 and the word steak...looked like it is the same special every night. The credit card slip totaled $51 after she made a minor correction. I asked how much of that was sales tax. $6. Wow...highest sales tax in the nation, about 13%. I assume they take care of locals and gouge travelers all the time to stay in business. Anybody on I-90 should just keep going and leave the locals to the local cafe.
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Terrific work, done sooner than promised at a good price. It was cleaned in the morning and helped me get thru the final walk through in the afternoon at the rental I was moving from with no drama. Great experience.
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Morning staff are great. Two guys tonight seem unhappy to be here. Pointed out Google says they close at 10 PM, not the 9:30 PM they are following. They say Google has been wrong for months about the time and is "the worst." One Barista was expert at sliding drinks across the counter... Like he wished he was in a cowboy bar. Bad attitide.
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Very good atmosphere and they seem to care more than some nearby places. And they know that Kung Pay Chicken is supposed to have red peppers.
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