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Why I'm Not Supporting OS X

TL;DR version: OS X is so fragmented it makes my colon hurt.

There's been a lot of pressure on me to bring some of my very successful iOS apps to OS X. I was totally planning on doing it. Gotta give my fans what they want, right? Then I was looking around the online Apple Store. Did you know they had that? Personally I never miss a chance to visit an Apple Store in person. I feel like a vegan Buddhist visiting the Sistine Chapel. I guess the online thing is there for people in 3rd world countries like Kansas that might not have an Apple Store on every block yet. But I digress.

So I'm browsing the online store. Do you realize that you can get a MacBook Air with two different screen sizes? The MacBook Pro is available in three different screen sizes! Get this, the MBP and MBA are both available with 13" screens, but they are different resolutions!!

But wait, it gets worse. Apple also sells desktop Macs for some reason. They have iMacs, but these come in two different screen sizes! Fine. They also have Mac Minis and Mac Pros that don't have a monitor. Even worse, they let people plug whatever monitor they want into those things! I've heard horror stories of people plugging in multiple monitors. I'm not making that up.

This kind of fragmentation is unimaginable. I assume that asshat Tim Cook must have come up with all of this and stealthily released this army of madness once The Great One had passed from this plane. There's no way He would have put up with this crap.

So that's it! Sorry kids, but I just can't afford to support such a fragmented ecosystem. To do so would require me to buy one of each of these devices so that I could test on them and make sure my apps are just magical as they are on iOS. That's just too expensive and time consuming for it to be profitable.
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Jan Moren
Made my day. Thank you.
This exact problem is why there's no software for Windows. It's utterly impossible for small developers to write code for such a fragmented platform.
+mathew murphy Don't get me started on Windows. Only God knows which Graphics card and how much ram is in one of those computers.
Sounds like a bad joke in defense of Android.
I guess what would you say if you were an Android developer.
No software on WIndows??? R U Kidding me? Where pray tell is it all then?. +Roger Câmara . I find myself asking "What do all the NON Apple Programmers do?" so like the rest of the world?. If im nice here, is there no Virutal Machines for Apple?, no sandbox where you can test the different models? Someone is missing out on making alot of money it sounds if not.
I love it when people don't get sarcasm..........
LOL very funny. Even funnier are those that don't get it ;)
+Hipster Programmer May I suggest the use of the typographic mark ⸮ be more prevalent in future posts of this nature. Although quite humorous and thought out, it seems that there was confusion as to the intent of the post. Well played though, well played indeed…
Ahyes, desktop market more fragmented in device capabilities than iOS :)
- iPhone original, 3G, 3GS, iPod touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd: 3.5' @ 320x480
- iPhone 4, 4S, iPod touch 4th: 3.5' @ 640x960
- iPad original and 1: 9.7' @ 768x1024
- iPad 3: 9.7' @ 1536x2048

Now the funny thing is, on desktops, at least the DPI stay more or less within a range (something around 72DPI to 90DPI). The viewing distance per dot is about the same, so making graphics that work across a huge range of display sizes and the variations of resolution is not that hard. But on iOS devices you jump at the same size display to 2x the DPI count, which is kind of jarring to support.
This is great. Just the other day in a thread here I heard more arguments that "Android is too fragmented to develop a mobile app on first, that's why everyone launches on iOS first." While I would never deny that Android is far more fragmented than I would like, the entire "Android is fragmented, iOS is not" thing is beginning to sound like a classic case of self-fulfilling prophecy at work.
+Andrew Brackin Obviously, but an ironic one for those of us on Android constantly subjected to the "frag" argument from all shades of Apple fanboys.
There's a large development and design penalty in making high quality apps with custom graphics on Android when compared to iOS. This is not the unsubstantiated opinions of fanboy, this is the experience of someone who's worked on such projects, developing iOS and Android apps in parallel. It doesn't mean that iOS is better, it's just one downside to Android development.

Mocking fanboys doesn't make it any less of a problem for developers, but it does make you look conceited and smug.
That is exactly why I only support ncurses on 80x25 terminal windows. What a horrible fragmentation mess this would be?
This comparison would have some merit if Apple sucked at providing software updates, waited months to tell you if your 1.5 year old Macbook would be able to run the new OS (it can't), and would only distribute updates through resellers who slap their own ugly skin on the OS.

I have a Nexus One and it's already end-of-lifed. And this was a flagship 'virgin' phone, untainted by manufacturer's customizations.
Some are Bauhaus and some are Baroque.
Web apps are even worse. OS X lets you install browsers other than Safari!
Yeah. I thought this was a joke too. I still think it must be trollbaiting.
Can you even hook up a third-part monitor to an Apple System?
You mean they allow other people to manufacture displays with DisplayPort?
Just.... wow. You know what? I feel bad for this guy so I will explain why everyone is making fun of you. Mac (at the moment) is the LEAST fragmented Desktop OS. Also, you do not need to buy all the devices and test on all of them. You need one. Install the latest update of Mac OS X and thats it. As for pixel density, it is not important! Use font sizes, not measuring everything by pixel. Just focus on some of the most common resolutions. Also, when you have multiple monitors, your app will display on only one. This post sounds like it is coming from someone who never developed on anything but iOS, which is one of the only platforms with almost NO fragmentation. Android, Windows, and the Web are MUCH more fragmented than Mac OS X. In fact, Apple is partially famous for not having much fragmentation. Basically, you sound like a total idiot to almost any developer. I just explained why.
There is nothing more satisfying than in the world, than someone who actually takes the time to explain why your sarcasm is incorrect.
+Daniel Stoddart Everything I've read says the Nexus One will not get Ice Cream Sandwich. What would you call a phone that will not run the latest OS?
I would call it "limited in resources". The reason most phones do not get new major versions is that the memory requirement has doubled in the past year. Because manufacturers keep making phones with more memory and faster CPU's, developers try to make maximum use of that, instantly rendering the previous model obsolete.
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