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Glass Wall
We hoped for transparency like glass, but we forgot that we can't hear each other with glass between us. A touch separated by a glass wall bears the greatest pain of being so near, yet never knowing each other. Separation by a concrete wall wouldn't have hu...

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Watch Me Bleed
You stabbed me the first time, saw that I was hurt and you grew concerned. You stabbed me the second time, saw that I was hurt, but were a little less concerned. You stabbed me the third time, saw that I was hurt, and it seemed to give you pleasure. You sta...

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The Peculiarity of Things
Things are stories, and there are two sides to every story. A thing is useful to a person because of its function, treasured by another for its sentimentality. It can be a song loved for the sweet memory that it brings forth, or hated for the bitterness tha...
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