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◄ Luke 23:2 ► King James Bible
"And they began to accuse him, saying, We found this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar, saying that he himself is Christ a King."

‘Sedition’ and ‘Treason’: False Charges against God’s Servant

What is “Sedition”? It is “actions or words intended to incite rebellion against government authority.” I can’t tell Black people to fight a war that is Israel’s war! What kind of leader will you be, or should I be, to allow these babies—Black, White and Brown—to fight Israel’s war because Zionists dominate the government of the United States of America, and her banking system?

What is “Treason”? It is “the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign, or, overthrow the government.” I’m not guilty of that! But some are planning that right now.

These are my words for our brother president, Barack Obama: In 1942, the Honorable #ElijahMuhammad was sent to prison because President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued an Executive Order to take him off the streets when America was prosecuting a war, and America needed some Black bodies to go and fight a war even though there was no benefit for us in fighting such a war. And now, the #Zionists are pushing President Obama to go to war with #Iran over some suspected nuclear power that the Israelis have that Iran does not have!

When Carol Moseley Braun was a U.S. Senator, she came and had dinner with me one day. We were talking about things, and I remember how these words rolled out of her mouth: “But you know, Minister, they can arrest you for treason.” I said, “Oh well …”

Do you think that I should stand by quiet if Israel attacks Iran? America is going to come into it, so that means they’re calling us, aged 35-50! The United States government will tell us, “We’ve got trouble over there …. your country needs you!” Now you need us? But when we needed a job, we didn’t see one! We need justice, we don’t have any! You’re killing our people in the streets, what about that? You’re taxing the hell out of us; we’re losing our homes because you tricked us! Where’s any relief for us? “Well, don’t worry …just fight this war. And when it’s over, things are gonna get better for you!”

Do you think that they’re afraid of my voice? Yes they are! I don’t have any guns. What I have is something in my mouth that’s more powerful than guns! While most of you with “guns” can’t shoot straight anyway, with The Truth that I speak, I don’t miss a soul! Allah’s Truth finds you wherever you are! If America goes to war, President Obama, like Pres. Roosevelt, may be forced to sign an Executive Order that he’s not fully in agreement with to take Farrakhan off the streets and charge him with “sedition” and “treason.”

I told my followers that when they come that I don’t want you fighting them, because they’re only coming to kill you. But I’ve been expecting them.

I know what I have to go through. And I am going to be The Winner—that I know! ~ The Honorable Minister Louis #Farrakhan

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#AltonSterling #Christ warns "In the #Bible it says Cain and Abel were two brothers. Cain slew his brother Abel and God asked him about it.

He(Cain) said, "Am I my brother's keeper? Don't ask me where he is."

Think over the answer and THINK over the answer God gave him:

"I didn't say you were his keeper Cain. But the Earth was created in Truth. I created the Earth in Truth.

I didn't murder when I created it.

I made the Earth in Truth for people to be happy on and for people to live in PEACE on.

Why are you asking Me such questions? This proves that you are guilty of something.

Who said that you were your brother's keeper?

But then again, who said that you shouldn't be his keeper? Since you are his brother, you SHOULD LOVE YOUR BROTHER and you SHOULD KEEP YOUR BROTHER in a state of Peace and Security.

Have you not become his aggressor? Oh Cain, what have you done with your brother?"

He was condemned.

He was guilty of murdering his own brother.

He did not know what to say after he was confronted with the guilt.

We are like Cain here today in the wicked world of Satan.

People think up all kinds of EXCUSES to try to get out of confessing their guilt.

BUT TODAY, God Himself is with us.

He comes to make manifest our sins.

The Holy Quran says that he forgives whom He pleases and whom He pleases He chastises.

The Bible says something like it.

Let us remember that a Day of Reckoning, a Day of Judging the good and the evil of us is now going on.

We can't hide from it and we can't have a vacation from it because wherever we go The Judgment is set up there too.

We can't shun our account.

We must face the account regardless of where we are." Honorable Elijah Muhammad #TheologyofTime 
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#diet #weightloss #Christ warns "MANY of the readers may THINK that it is all right with God for them to do as they please about His Laws.

But we are PUNISHED for willfully disobeying the laws of God, regardless of how small or how great the offense may be.

The #Christians‬ have been eating the swine(pig) for FOUR THOUSAND years. 

Now, their punishment is TOTAL DESTRUCTION by FIRE.

The white race was NOT made to obey the Divine Law. 

They were made to oppose it, therefore following after them and doing what they do will lead you to HELL. 

It is NO excuse for you. 

The average so-called Negro THINKS it is all right for him to be evil too, but we are two different peoples. 

The so-called American Negro is a Divine member lost from the Divine circle, while the slave master, who has been his teacher, is an ENEMY to God, by nature. 

This is why the Bible teaches you that HELL was created for them the DAY they were MADE.

So, do not practice the evil things that the white race is doing, as you are following them now. 

IF they pull off their clothes, you will pull off yours. 

Do you THINK you have an option to ignore divine LAW, while you do NOT?

A DOOM is set for the whole race of them, and you will SHARE their DOOM with them IF you continue to eat and drink intoxicating drinks just because you see them doing such things and going NUDE in public (uncovered on Social Media). 

You are following one of the most filthy things that even an animal could follow, by doing such things. 

White people do this to TEMPT you to do the SAME so that you can share hell fire with them." Honorable ‪#ElijahMuhammad‬: How to Eat to Live
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#Diet #weightloss #Christ warns "The white race or the Caucasian or devil eats ALL KINDS of poison: frogs, snakes, and all filthy scavengers of water.

He eats it and invited you to eat it but they KNOW it is NOT GOOD.

He eats all kinds of fowls, he KNOWS they are NOT GOOD for us to eat -- and wild fowls at that.

And, he eats wild animals and beasts of the jungles.

That which he digs up out of the earth of the live creatures that live under the earth’s surface, he KNOWS that it is
NOT GOOD to eat (for himself and you too) but he advertises it that it is all right to eat.

Everything he eats, he tells you it is all right.

So, IF you follow the white race’s food eating, you are bound to eat the wrong food for your consumption. So, I warn you against the food of this race.

They DO NOT EAT THE GOOD FOOD because they found us eating the good food and to make a world different from ours, they had to resort to eating the wrong food so that they could say that they established something which we did not have or were not doing.

The Holy Qur-an Refers to the white man as eating like a beast. They eat as the beasts.

This is true; they do not deny it.

The Bible teaches us against eating their dainty meats, which is a warning that you may be eating the WRONG MEAT.

Since they learned that their time was limited among us on earth, they have studied everything possible that was an enemy to us to make us to accept that enemy and like the enemy.

The old filthy hog was not made to be taken as food for us, nor them.

Allah Taught me from His Mouth that they made hog for MEDICINAL PURPOSES.

Since he(whites) was a weak human
being, created for the purpose of weakening the strong Black Man in every way possible, they knew he
was going to carry lots of diseases because of the essence that they were made out of themselves (the weak germ of the Original Black Man).

These thousands of different kinds of food that he offers you, be aware that they are not to keep you alive, but to kill you.

Do not think that they are following the right way by eating that which he himself eats." Honorable Elijah Muhammad: How to Eat to Live Book 2
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Think of the truthfulness of those words. How many young boys grow up in the hood to embrace of life of inner war and strife that manifest itself in accepting a life of criminality and violence. A life without guidance and acceptance from parents or anyone who cares...when will we understand this and begin as a community to put out these fires?
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Secrets of the HYPOCRITE "Believers have wide circles of acquaintances due to their MORAL values, culture and respect.

In addition, because they speak of religious moral values to eminent members of the societies in which they live they also enjoy strong links to them.

Furthermore, apart from one group in opposition to them, they also have many supporters among the ordinary public, whose support increases as the strength and sphere of influence of believers rise.

As the support for them increases, the respect in which they are held in society, the way they possess a different "quality" to that of ordinary people, and their superior moral values, all begin to be better understood.

Thanks to their pleasing moral values and MATCHLESS DETERMINATION, believers enjoy a justified renown...

Hypocrites with their WEAK characters, influenced by all this renown, #fame and recognition, seek to acquire an identity of their own by being ALONGSIDE believers.

They imagine that by doing so they will be as influential and admirable as those alongside them.

But because of the strife and corruption they inevitably cause while they remain alongside the faithful, Allah causes them to taste the HUMILIATION they DESERVE, rather than the glory they expect." Harun Yahya: Secrets of the hypocrite
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