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Working​ like crazy lately, so I spent my Earth Day consuming lots of electricity to run my high-powered laser to burn plastic. So...yeah...

DM: He died after being constantly plagued by wolves and other creatures at night.

Me: So you're saying that he was hounded by wolves?


#DnD5e #Ravenloft

Hoping with "Thor: Ragnarok" exploring more of the cosmic aspect of the Marvel universe that Beta Ray Bill makes an appearance.

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Seems like the current president should be listening to this guy.

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Because I'm just sick that way.

Remember that you can't spell "Trump" without "rump."

Just had a vision of Brian Johnson of AC/DC singing "Rapper's Delight." Someone make this happen.

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There's almost nothing about this that isn't hilarious to watch.

Finger slipped on the keyboard and I just inadvertently sent an email with a question mark at the end of my name...

"I'm Ron Burgundy?"

Interesting. I just started a Boggle with Friends game with Imelda M....
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