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So, I have noted that +Brendan Davis is very keen on Legend of Condor Heroes, and others have also talked warmly of that story.

I have gotten the impression this is originally books, and that they have been adapted to tv series and film. Any suggestions for forms I could enjoy this story?

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Lover overdue closing down message
Friends. I guess if you see this in you notifications or feed reader you will be quite surprised. This blog have now been dormant for a long time, and much water have flowed under the OSR bridge. Frankly, I think we are in a different world now. The OSR des...
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Impeach the motherfucker, now.
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Having gotten hold of and watched "The Babdook" and "The Witch" after the Friends talked about them, I'm now curious about "It follows". Any input on that one?

I just realised that as group allegiance is such a big deal for Tsoylanu, and they often wear the colours of their god and/or clan, how common is tattoos in Tekumel?

I have an issue with skills.

I am generating a bunch of pre-gens for a super hero game, and while it's fun to buy the powers, the skills have started to become very troublesome.

While they obviously work well for some people, it looks to be that the standard skill list contains a peculiar mix of very general, and some oddly specific skills. I could generate a new skill list, but I will work from the standard, as it seems to work as intended.

But, how do I use it? I've found that I put skill points in Fighting and Shooting and Notice most of the time, but apart from that I seldom see many skills worth putting points into.

So, any suggestions for how to use the standard skill list when generating 10+ characters without them all having points just in Fighting, Shooting and Notice?


Happy birthday USA! Never forget the price of liberty. Fight back, you have done it before.
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I've not really paid much attention to what's been going on with Delving Deeper lately (last few years, that is). I've seen posts about rules being written and edited, but I know we have also seen some releases before.

What's the idea right now on the rules? Are they being worked on to fill some gaps emulating zero edition, or is it being evolved in new directions due to some other influence, or what's the big deal?
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