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Ogo water technologies
ro plant price in Karachi 03002734871
ro plant price in Karachi 03002734871


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OGO String-Wound Filter Cartridges
OGO filter cartridges offer true depth filtration with superior filtration technology.
OGO depth filters have revolutionized filtration with a superior technology that overcomes the limitations and drawbacks of other filters .
OGO technology produces superior depth filters with increased filtration capacity, longer lifetime, and higher performance that reduce overall costs. OGO filters have high structural integrity combined with a greater void volume, giving a lower pressure drop, much improved dirt holding capacity and efficiency compared to conventional filters. OGO filters are made of polypropylene, a recognized environmentally safe and recyclable material for purity and ease of disposal.
NSF Standard 61 Certified
OGO Filter Cartridges are certified by NSFInternational to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects. This certification demonstrates our commitment towards meeting internationally recognized standards in regards to materials, design, construction and performance.
OGO Water Technology
Read more about Aqua Clear technology for superior filtration performance, see a comparision with conventional media, and a full list of features.
Product Information
Pure polypropylene OGO filter cartridges are free from any extractables and contain no chemicals. They are suitable for use in applicationslike RO Pretreatment (SDI Reduction), Drinking Water and Beverage Processing, Sea Water Desalination, Gas Purification, Electronics and Electroplating, Photographic Solutions, etc.
The standard pure polypropylene cartridge is extractable-free and engineered for superior filtration performance. Available in up to 72 inch (1829 mm) length and 6 inch (152 mm) diameter in a variety of media, cores and extended cores.

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Water filter price in Zkarachi

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Ro membrane price in Karachi call now 03002734871

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Ro plant importer in Karachi Pakistan

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Ro plant price in Pakistan

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Water filter price in Karachi 03111646666
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water filter for home price in pakistan

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water filter for home
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