I'm gonna write a bigger blogpost soon about my experiences from the KDE Plasma Sprint so this is just a short recap:
"It was awesome!"

Essentially it was a humbling experience in that I was surrounded by incredibly intelligent and passionate people who where experts in their field. It was inspiring as hell seeing these guys enthusiasm and the way they tried their best to include new people (me). It was eye-opening in how a creative meeting and process COULD be like (if you, like me, feel at home in an Ad-agency meeting or a Newspapers editorial meeting - you should go and see how these guys do it and how much better they do it).

The one thing I regret is that I talked too much and listened too little. I do that when I'm nervous and it wasn't until the last day of four (I wish I could have stayed longer) that I could calm down enough to shut up a little bit. Too see two of them talk about something incredibly complex and then notice me listening in and just switch modes and try to explain it in a way that was accessible to me was incredibly endearing and empowering. The way they made a constant effort to include me really made me feel not only accepted but appreciated.
I left home nervous and I went home smiling.

But that doesn't do justice to it. As someone who works alone most of the time to try to explain WHAT I do and try to make those choices accessible to others was a struggle for me (the documentation is still haunting me) but it was an inspiring one and it was in the last days I started to relax enough and accept that I didn't have to justify my presence.

... anyway I'll write it all up in a few days time when I got a little bit more free time to do it. Until then:
Special thanks to +Aaron Seigo and +Sebastian Kügler for inviting me and +Boudewijn Rempt (Sebas tried teaching me how to pronounce your name :) ) for being supportive when I was freaking out before hand.
+Àlex Fiestas and Aleix for the wonderful Catalan welcome and hospitality. +Vishesh Handa and +David Edmundson for their culinary expertise when it came to Dry/wet dishes and Naan and bread sauce. +Martin Gräßlin for his scientific passion of chocolate and being able to handle my snoring. +Marco Martin for his calm passion when I got crazy ideas. +Martin Klapetek for his "rolling office chair photo" prowess and amazing hair. +Ivan Čukić for not killing me when I said his music taste was weird. +Giorgos Tsiapaliokas and +Antonis Tsiapaliokas for their constant cigarette-break-company and explanation of the linguistic fine-detail of the greek language. +Mitch Curtis for hopefully surviving that final flight with Nog at the helm.
Finally an extra shout out to Sebastian Kügler who really made an effort and went that extra mile to make me feel welcomed and included. You made these four days truly special.

You've all gained a fan for life.
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