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So I'm mostly on mastodon these days - there are a ton of people here I miss over there though ( +Juan Ochoa ! I was gonna share an article with you and realized you wherent there)

Mastodon is... interesting. On the one hand its tricky because the most normal user on the federated timelines and on the larger instances isn't English speaking (French and Japanese) which means scrolling through it means scrolling through a ton of text you dont understand.
On the other hand its pretty mellow in general and so far has covered a lot of my social media needs... aaaand its not Google 

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Well, now that the cat is out of the bag…

Something that we’ve secretly been working on: Plasma Browser Integration for Chrome/Chromium, Firefox and Opera, a browser extension to provide better integration with Plasma!

Comes with KDE Connect integration (send URLs to your phone), download status in Plasma notifications, KRunner integration (find tabs there), Media Controls for websites, Quick Share integration, and much more.

I planned to do a first official 0.1 release next week and despite what certain news sites claim, it will not be part of Plasma 5.10, let’s give this some testing and bug squashing first, shall we?

Stay tuned for the official announcement once we figured out the packaging and distribution situation ;)

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My kingdom for a GNOME Disks clone written with QtQuick Controls 2

I played "Tales from the Loop" this weekends RPG convention. If you are heavily into Simon's artwork, 1980's Sweden, Transformers or Stranger Things - this one is probably for you.

Our group was four people + GM who where around 40 and two 20 year old kids. Poor children - it must have been like nostalgia hour at the old peoples home.

Right so since 1) Mastodon has the cutest mascot 2) All the cool kids are doing it 3) It's Open Source - I hjave joined Mastodon:

So if you want essentially what I usually post here, there. Go follow me and I can follow people back :)

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You KNOW your middle aged when a friend with an in at Atlas Games says "Hey I got a copy of the new deluxe edition here, you wanna buy it?" and you go "Nah its fine I can wait".

I mean Unknown Armies... I mean... it is THE BEST rpg ever created. It is what Mage was ment to be but failed to deliver. The best combat rules ever (the chapter start with a page describing why its a dumb idea to fight in general and the escalation of force as a warning sign of what will come if you do). It is quite litterally one of the few RPG's with realistic rules for combat (its chance that dictates whether you live or die, that and competent health care).

The setting is just... it is so insanely good that I can't summarize it all.

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You kids with your gangsta rap videos and blip-blop screaming... I remember when a good music video is a vaguelly surreal dance number by dancer who has obviously committed some kind of crime and are wearing the most cruel prison outfit even designed as punishment.

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Don't you just hate it when someone sets up a sign calling YOU aggressive?

Today has been kinda messed up after what seems to have been a terrorist attack on my hometown Stockholm ... many also feared the reactions.

But I keep forgetting, this is where it is.

The hashtag openstockholm on twitter and facebook is worth reading on its own. Thousands opening their homes to strangers stuck in Stockholm as the subway is closed after the attack, tourists or just people who can't get across town. Stores opening beyond normal hours to ensure that everyone has somewhere to go, offices, everyone pitching in. There are several organizing impromptu pizzadinners for large groups of people they've never met.

A store has promised that kids can get food and dinners if their parents are stuck in town no matter who those kids are "because terrorists or no terrorists, no kid goes to bed hungry".

A heart filled with love, courage and solidarity has no room for terror.

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Because the world is steadily going mad, you need some raccoons playing with bubbles.

h/t +A.V. Flox​
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