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My wife's MacBook Pro went belly up again. First time was the GPU. It was under recall, so got replaced free. One year later, the exact same thing. Both times my wife used my Ubuntu laptop while figuring out what to do. I installed macbuntuthemes on my Ubuntu laptop. And she is ready to get a. Ew laptop, skipping the whole OSX versus Windows discussion and just go Ubuntu. Time to look for a Dell 15 inch laptop with backlit keyboard preloaded with Ubuntu. Although if it were for me, I'd just go System76 right out of the gate.

I want to pick up a couple used small form factor desktops to play with virtualization. I have one (an older Lenovo) running VMWare esxi 6.0 hypervisor. I want to pick up another to play with devStack and a third to play virtualized networking on KVM (and maybe QEMU) using VyOS or Juniper vSRX. When did hardware virtualization become very common in Intel and AMD hardware? I know when it became available, but how recent does my hardware need to be for me to be fairly certain it supports hardware virtualization? My VMWare server is undersized to play with multiple types of virtualization (I'd need to add another harddrive, but memory slots are pretty limited, too). A new desktop with 32 gigs sounds great, but my budget says used, small form factor, different hardware so I can play with multiple virtualization techniques simultaneously.

Most interesting to me at this point would be a small form factor desktop I could pop a multi-interface NIC into, that supports KVM and has enough disk space and memory so I can spin up multiple bits of virtualized networking software. Then maybe run it for a while in place of my Cisco router and switch. I still need to keep my VMWare server up (can't re-use it) as that is where I run my snmp and netflow servers.

Just finished a week long course on OpenStack. It was very cool! The labs were all hosted on Ubuntu servers, although they used Yum instead of apt for package management. We talked a little bit about DevStack for a home lab. Anyone have experience with DevStack? Also, has anyone migrated virtual servers from VMWare esxi 6.0 to DevStack? I'm trying to decide if I want to migrate my homelab network management tools and virtual servers off VMWare over to DevStack, or maybe pick up an additional PC for the lab. Ultimate goal is to try to go to virtual network hardware rather than vendor specific hardware (i.e. shut down my Cisco router, spin up VyOS or some other virtual router, shut down my Cisco switch, but a multi-port NIC in my PC and spin up a virtual switch, maybe play with a virtual firewall for fun).

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Marcos' uWriter on a Nexus 4 with external monitor connected via Slimport adapter and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

+Marcos Costales 

What are folks using to keep track of expenses for a hobby that might possibly earn money, or at least earn tax deductions? I've played with GnuCash and KMyMoney in the past. Both have strengths and weaknesses. I'd rather not do an online solution, not real comfortable with that idea. I'd prefer OpenSource. Prefer something current under Ubuntu. Would be even cooler if it could run on Ubuntu Touch in the future via a click package and run on a UT tablet - but not necessary. For now, just a spreadsheet would work (not much expenses at all, and only keeping track on dollars, not time). But something that would scale just a little would be good.

Simple database recommendation. Easy to set up and configure. Can support one user at first, but can grow to multi-user.   - Ubuntu folks - I'm looking to set up a simple database that would reside on my personal laptop. I want to be able to keep track of podcasts. What the subject is. The publish date. The length. Where it is published. Where the mp3 file is stored locally. Where the text is stored locally or on-line. I want to be able to quickly locate mp3s in case I decide to move from a paid hosting server to Internet Archives. I also want to be able to sort on original texts to make sure I don't repeat myself. Is LibreOffice Base a good choice for a small, one person database? Could I move it to a server and make it multi-user if my wife or friends help out? I'm not real good on databases. I do mess around with MS-SQL queries at work from time to time, but that's not my real job. So I'd rather not get into something heavyweight. Something with an easy to use front end would be appreciated.

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Podcast is up and running! At and available under iTunes, just search for Dimecast. Download count looks pretty good, until I check the IPs and see it's a few friends and me trying it on my laptop under Rhythmbox, trying the online player, trying it under iTunes and trying it on my ipad player. I think it's time for me to stop testing, and see if anyone else plays an episode! (some folks from the Ubuntu community checked it out, and I am very happy for that). Plan on watching Krita tutorials to do some work on the cover art. I can do better.

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My podcasting station. Thanks to folks in this community for help in finding a podcasting host, links to tutorials and help getting dual monitors working with Audacity in the primary monitor and document viewer up on the second monitor. Very happy! My oldest son loves trains. Next podcast (really just reading and recording old public domain pulp magazine articles) will be The Western Union Kid by Charles W. Tyler published in Railroad Stories in 1934. Picture taken with my Nexus 4 running Ubuntu Touch OTA-10.1 (and ownCloud working for synching photos between phone and laptop). I hate to call it a podcast, perhaps I should call it "Pulp on Tape" or "Audio Pulp."

Loving Ubuntu, Ubuntu Touch, Open Source and Public Domain.

Basic user question. I have a laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I also have an external monitor. I know how to switch my display to both monitors or to the external. But how do I run a different application in each display? I'd like to run Audacity on the laptop display and view a public domain e-book on the external display. I'm assuming the application in each window will continue to run as I jump between Windows.

Does anyone here do podcasting? Do you have a favorite low-cost, no-cost host? I'm thinking of a weekly podcast, audio only, maybe 20 minutes or so in length, recorded in Audacity in mono. First run would be Creative Commons, non-monetized.
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