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Small persistent community with contests
Small persistent community with contests

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Here's some views of spawn. The Spawn Shrine which marks the exact center of spawn. The Intro Ruins which contains texts to introduce people. And the max-zoom-out map centered on spawn that is mounted in the ruins.

There are books in a Minecart with Chest (since a normal chest cannot be interacted with). Feel free to take them out of the chest to read, but be sure to put them back afterward. Note: the books aren't actually created at the time of making this post

The beacon and Iron Golem provide some protection, but do not get careless! These places are deliberately poor shelter, and you can't build anything there, so make haste and don't let the sun set on you! Run! Note: sprinting may be a bad idea if you're yet to get food
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Challenge 2 #GlieseMCChallenge

In a flat plains not far from Mistyvale, there was an arena to serve as a blank canvas, supplied with much wool. +Wen Jay Tan, +Eric Chu, and +Ben L had to depict with wool several named subjects in 10 rounds. The subjects were named by the host, +Tera GX, and judged subjectively by him. Subjects ranged from "Mushroom" and "Creeper" to more ambiguous "Adventure" and "Sophisticated Machine".

Wen and Eric each had 4 points at the end, so a tiebreaker marked Eric as the winner.

Challenge: Art contest
Rating: 2
Winner: +Eric Chu
Other participants: +Wen Jay Tan, +Eric Chu
Grand Prize: 32 Cookies (instead of 2 Golden Apples)
Additional Prizes: 16 Wood
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Challenge 1 #GlieseMCChallenge
Janurary 17, '12

In a forest right next to MistyVale, many Redstone Torches were strategically hidden, high and low. +Wen Jay Tan, +Zain Nayer, +Eric Chu, and +Ben L had one night and two days (30 minutes) to collect as many of the torches as possible. Everyone starved, with Eric and later Zain slipping to their deaths causing major setbacks for them.

All 106 torches managed to be collected, thus prizes were significantly increased as a bonus. Ben won with 45 torches.

Challenge: Forest torch hunt
Rating: 1
Winner: +Ben L
Other participants: +Wen Jay Tan, +Zain Nayer, +Eric Chu
Grand Prize: 13 Diamond
Additional Prizes: 64 Stone
(bonus applied)
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Kepler was our server's first iteration, before Minecraft version 1.0. Then there was Gliese for v1.0. Now we are on Gliese for v1.5.
The previous server (Kepler) had 3 competitions during the alpha/beta. The first one required swimming into darkness and spotting chests. It turned out to be way harder than intended. Unfortunately I don't seem to have any screenshots of it.

The second was some nice and simple Sudoku. Well, minus the simple. But it was a really fantastic-looking setup for the world of Minecraft. It had a MC-specific twist of having to remove a layer of dirt from the puzzle at the start. I've included only one picture since it was Kepler, not Gliese.

The third was a time-trial through an obstacle course, thus it was not simultaneously played. By design, everyone had 3 chances through the course. Everyone managed to outdo their previous performances. Its glass maze was pretty disorienting, and there was a tunnel you had to dig out then later use those blocks to elevate yourself. A fantastic screenshot too.
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Please don't forget to join our Steam Group at
It has organization features as well, so if Steam is active, when an event on the server starts up, you'll get a pop up notification no matter where you are. I would also like to utilize its Player of the Week feature.

If you don't intend to have Steam open often, please join it anyway for the sake of having complete organization in case something should happen to one of our sources of info.

Since it is invite only please tell someone with authority your Steam profile name. Feel free to tell me here, or +Tera GX, or +Zain Nayer, or +Eric Chu.

Full list of visitors:  #GlieseMCInfo  
Tera_GX (+Tera GX)
11caboy (?)
ninjastar128 (?)
benl11235 (+Benjamin Wishoshavich)
falcon4299 (?)
ArloForrest (?)
YoChu (+Eric Chu)

Server Guidelines and Advice #GlieseMCInfo

• Pursue maintaining an economy, trade goods and pay for services
Kindness is kind, but presence of an economy is more interesting than volunteer service. Everyone has wants and needs, so you can help them this way, and will ensure you have bargaining chips to aid in meeting your own needs.
• Do not build near the global spawn, be reliant on a bed-spawn
Spawn protection makes it impossible to interact with blocks in a 152 radius around the spawn-shrine. Cool points for being many times more distant.
• Harvest whole trees, do not leave behind ruined trees
The closer within your property, the more acceptable exceptions are, especially if you intend to "repair" with logs later.
• Patch Creeper-holes completely
Do not merely cover it up with a shell, enemies can "haunt" underneath there.
• Do not alter someone else's environment unless given permission
Including if you fall into a trap. If a non-fatal trap, there should be a natural way out, or externally operated exit. If a fatal trap, you're permitted to do the bare minimum necessary to retrieve your inventory.
• If someone has wronged you or your property, you have the authority for deciding the course of action
If scolding is enough, great. If you enact vengence, no one else has default reasons to object. Observe ambiguities here means that perpetual revenge can occur if that is your choice, but dragging in others will finally force server-action.
• Property is inclusive of what is underground, with limited clarity
Don't take your friend's iron ore just because you found it before it was harvested. If you find you share a cave system, overlapping areas are less definable as single-property.
• Do not put the server IP in an overly public medium, know who you are inviting
Whitelisting is not implemented so that anyone may invite any friend. Please use good judgement.
• Do not construct structures that are 1 in two dimensions (1x1), they will be demolished after a delay
This is a world of creativity, there is no room for 1x1. There are some means to justify 1x1, and such will be given special consideration.
• If a bug or other event outside of gameplay has robbed you of goods, you may request compensation from the server
Make sure you communicate by some means with +Tera GX , try to have an estimate of what was lost.
• The OP(s) is without authority to warp in goods or teleport players except for the purpose of correcting bugs or for special events
Typically even if you are stuck, it will be expected of you to suicide. If items are irretrievable such as a loss to The Void, you may request compensation.
• Exploiting bugs to manipulate item quantity or quality or bugs that cause potentially unsafe behavior to the server are punishable
Suspicious item usage may initiate an investigation. There is no way to hide from an investigation, so please just don't do it.
• Do not build perpetually running mechanisms.
A clock circuit is okay, but it needs to be able to be able to start and stop rather than be infinite. Don't strain the server.
• Attending the server without intent to participate in the community (pure destructive intents) is punishable
Pure-griefers get banned, as they cannot fit into any ecosystem. Joining and touring the server is fine.

• Don't neglect the use of signs
It's good for clearly indentifying properties, routes, and functions.
• Put up a wishlist or trade-rates in your publicly-known home
This is an easier route to periodic figuring out of ways to trade.
• Do not make secret entrances that involve breaking a block
Technology! You have all kinds of options for maintaining secrecy in style.
• Keep minecart tracks "Minecart-with-Furnace friendly" by limiting to 1 incline per 2 flat lengths and avoid 180° turns
For incase of some kind of breakdown. Powered-minecarts cannot ascend a long incline, so lengthen the incline into something progressive.
• Build in cooperation with the environment instead of bypassing it
It's cooler.
• Check info on Google+
Good job!
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