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Here lads what the fuck is your course called til I book this robe? No, 4 years later I still don't know. +Chris Moran +Brian O Reilly +roger young +paul james +Darren Dowdall +Giancarlo Quintiliani 

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Yes, yes, yes.......this rocks.

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Have never seen this, love Christopher Walken, love Tom Jones, love weird shit. Love this.

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+Darren Dowdall +paul james I TOLD YOU

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This is my best thing on the internet. Nothing can ever, ever, ever beat this.

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Like this +Brian O Reilly 

OK so apparently one of the Kris Kross dudes died. How am I only finding this out now?

Best. Game of Thrones. Ever. That is all, continue with your lives. 
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