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Florida Trip Blog: Skipping thru time & space~ Part 3 (Antietam Battlefield)
Our last adventure was to the Battlefield of Antietam on our way home in Maryland Check out this place. Here is a Betsy Ross flag with the 13 stars Oh my. So much history...and it's of the tragic kind. Americans fighting Americans. 23,000
soldiers killed i...

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Florida Trip blog: Skipping thru time & space Part 2
Hey Ho~ Continuing the traveling stories from our tour south.... Our second adventure was to the "Hindu Temple of Florida"
and it was wonderful to go and see the artwork and feel the vibes here
at this most beauteous temple! Construction started in 1994 a...

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Our minstrel trip south this year...

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Florida Trip Blog: Skipping through time and space tour~ Part 1
Hey Ho~ If last year's trip was hell on wheels, then this year's trip was heaven on wings. While calamity and depression seem to sell the big clicks these days on news and product... there is something to be said about delight, friendships, safety and adven...

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Docking 2016
Ahoy mateys! Well, 2016 was a good year, a hard year, a blessed year, a tumultuous year. There was loss...there was gain There was joy ...there was pain. Starting to sound almost like the song "Season in the Sun" doesn't it? While the news and media look li...

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This seems like a good time to blog :)

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Big news!
My latest book, "The Merlinian Legend" is in the news! Click here to read about it from aaduna publishing! The Merlinian Legend in the news! Hugs and Love! Merlyn

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Some thoughts on the process.....

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"Anyone can write a book".....
Did I get your attention with the title? I hope so. I have just finished writing my second book, and when I published my first one I was walking on air! Oh there is so much to do when you take on a gigantic project like writing a book. First there is the ke...

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The Wing & a Prayer Tour- The Good, the bad, the Miraculous!
You know, sometimes life gives you lemons, and you wonder if you should go forward or not. Like an Omen of badness to come or something.  The start of our trip was like that. But there is always Good if you choose to look at it and find it within the bad. L...
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