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Q: Is there something mysterious about mathematics?

"...yes, there is something mysterious about math, and the main thing that’s mysterious is why there isn’t even more mystery than there is."
In one sense, of course, there’s less mystery in math than there is in any other human endeavor.  In math we can really understand things, in a deeper way than we ever understand anything else.  (When I was younger, I used to reassure myself durin...
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John Michael Greer.  The absolutely best commentator out there. I would strongly advise reading his full set of writings from the git-go.
I've commented before in these posts that writing is always partly a social activity. What Mortimer Adler used to call the Great Conversation, the dance of ideas down the corridors of the centuries, shapes every word in a wri...
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All it takes is a brief conversation with one of those idiots and you know for certain you don't want to be a Christian.
An interesting point on the end of religion conservatism. Views? 
White Christians are now a minority in 19 states. America's growing racial diversity only tells part of the story
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We are experiencing a failure of leadership at every level.  And worse, it is the kind of leadership we want.
What you should know about vs. what the US "News" tells you about

HT to +Julian Lennon for this. You need to come back to Google+!
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P Mitch
 Don't blame others if you refuse to take some responsibility in knowing what's going on in your world. It's all available if you are willing to find it.
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Making google eyes with your doggy...
When you make eye contact with your dog, you each get a boost of oxytocin.
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Problems of Belief Systems  - 
"[A] diaspora of brilliance, progressivism, and compassion leads to  a vacuum of reason and forward thinking in small [southern] towns... It leaves the status quo intact to continue it’s stranglehold on our community with the same antiquated thought that has brought us to where we are."

In other words, anybody with any brains got the hell out of there.
  There are a couple things everyone assumes about the people they meet here in the town of Eastman, Georgia; you probably vote Republican, and you probably self identify as a Christian; wheth...
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'atheist activist that stands up for what he believes in'  I don't understand.  He preaches atheism? I'm an atheist to get away from any kind of proselytising! The whole point of atheism is to be reconciled to uncertainty but to do one's best to seek honest answers to honest and clear questions without an agenda
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Let's hope they don't start fracking around there.
A new study by University of Utah seismologists maps a huge molten reservoir under Yellowstone, revealing that it is much larger than researchers previously thought. It would fill the Grand Canyon more than 11 times.
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Problems of Belief Systems  - 
What Part of This Don't You Understand?

The supernatural is an uncontrollable variable.
If the supernatural is possible then anything is possible.
If anything is possible then the natural world cannot exist.

Nothing would be predictable and anything could happen.
One man's supernatural is just as valid as any other man's supernatural.
One man's divine revelation is just as valid as any other man's divine revelation.

How is anything, anywhere, anytime, that even has a hint of the supernatural possible?

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LL Pete
Thanks Sheriff; all I want is my very own badge, not just the one I've been leant for the duration of the movie!
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The fact that Dick Cheney is admired by a single American is appalling proof of the delusional willpower of schizophrenia. Watch Jon Stewart's hilarious rant-tribute to Cheney laying the lying hypocrisy so bare that even the most-delusional among you Fox apologists will have to admit... this one should long ago have been given the boot.
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Hard times, hard decisions, hard choices. Can Italy or Europe take all the Middle East and African refugees that will try to make it there? How would you like a dozen refugees camped out in your house, your yard, for the long foreseeable future?
More than 3,200 people died trying to cross the Mediterranean last year; more than 1,500 people have already perished this year
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► DOCUMENTAL: La era de la estupidez.
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"[O]ne of the hallmarks of a nation in decline is that the dominant elite sinks into senility, becoming so heavily invested in failed policies and so insulated from the results of its own actions that nothing short of total disaster will break its deathgrip on the body politic."
John Michael Greer.  One of the most insightful social commentators out there, maybe the best.
A must read every Thursday.
Is it just me, or has the United States taken yet another great leap forward into the surreal over the last few days? Glancing through the news, I find another round of articles babbling about how fracking has guaranteed Amer...
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I haven't aged since 1976. Curious.
I was born at a very early age, on a dark and stormy night, at the height of Empire.

Think orders of magnitude and the number four (4). 
- Geologically speaking the earth has about 4 billion years left, then it's toast -- literally. 
- Biologically or evolutionarily speaking, our species might last another 4 million. Might, maybe...who really cares? 
- 400,000 years and homo sapiens will be as homo erectus (?!?) or homo sapiens archaic seem to us now. 
- 40,000 years and homo sapiens will be culturally more like Neanderthals were then. That will be a good thing. 
- In 4000 years our era will seem like the Egyptian Kingdoms do to us now: gate, gate, para gate, para sum gate
- 400 years -- everything is politically, culturally, economically, and environmentally -- drastically, dramatically, different!  USA no mas! 
- 40 years?  Modern industrial civilization is in collapse even as we speak and has 40 years left in the tank, max. Then Mad Max! 
- Politically, for the United States the next 4 years will mark a sea change.  
- Me, I figure I got 44 years, 4 months, 4 days, 4 hours, 4 minutes and 4 seconds left, give or take.
- I will live to see the first and most dramatic stages of collapse. You should be so lucky. 

In the meantime, "Never clean; after four years it doesn't get any dirtier.  Just don't lose your nerve."

Maxim #!:
Nature bats last.

Maxim #2:  
Tribal identity and belonging is the highest human value.  Everything else is an epiphenomenon -- posturing, posing, and window dressing.

Maxim #3:  
There is no supernatural, anything.  Never has been; never will be.  Ever.  The natural world is everything that ever was, is, or will be.  It is enough and far more than enough.

Maxim #4:
The supernatural is an uncontrollable variable that negates reason. 

Maxim #5:
Ideologies of all stripes, especially religious and political, have the utility of promoting tribal identity.  The downside is, they imprison the mind and make you stupid.


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