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So, this diary probably comes out of the blue. After posting regularly during the buildup to the eruption and the eruption during itself, I eventually got burned out; it took an awful lot of work to ...
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The heat index aka "feels-like" temperature is an unnecessary level of bullshit. Why not list all the variables that can affect how hot it feels, like are you in the shade, what are you wearing, do you normally sweat a lot, if you are in a car is the AC on? It's stupid. Just give us the temperature (C or F) and the relative humidity (high, medium or low) and we can figure it out. 
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P Mitch
That is a misery.
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Walter Palmer is just the latest in a long line of rich Americans who love gunning down wild animals in Africa.
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P Mitch
This should be stopped.
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Problems of Belief Systems  - 
The Biggest Problem in Problems of Belief Belief
Why You Simply Cannot Trust Believers

Seriously, how can you trust a person who claims to have a personal relationship, a personal revelation, personal insight, from or with God or whoever or whatever that person claims as the Creator of the Universe?

Who knows what the Voice inside that person's head is saying. And you cannot reason with people who claim such experiences. They simply do not care if you think they are deluded or crazy or mistaken because the subjective certainty of their experience trumps everything else. And there is ample evidence that such people are potentially dangerous, following the Voice inside over all else. 

But leaving aside the flat out crazies, usually easy to spot online or within a few minutes of conversation, how can you trust the reasoning process of a person who claims the right to insert a supernatural variable into his calculations at any time and for any effect? You cannot trust his premises, you cannot trust his conclusions. These people have abandoned reason and assert that faith, and their faith in particular, is more reliable than rational thinking. Let there be no mistake about it, those who value faith over reason would take humanity back into the darkest days of human history.

Now I am not saying that those who are not believers, specifically those who are not believers in supernatural powers, are necessarily trustworthy either. The human race has plenty of fraudsters willing to prey on the gullible. But at least with those who do not claim some supernatural authority or supernatural insight, you can check their reasoning. Non-believers do not get all huffy about someone asking for verification of their claims, non-believers simply expect that if they make a claim they have to be able to back it up. That is not the case with believers, most especially with believers in the supernatural. Ask them for simple proof of their claims and the righteous outrage that pours forth is quite extraordinary. And to my mind, shameful for anyone who claims to be an educated person.

And finally, if it is not clear from the tone of this post, I think the self-righteous position that religious believers take they are the only truly moral people is simply bullshit. Honestly, how can your trust such people, especially given their abysmally violent and corrupt historical track record?
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+Lionel Gaucher
I see no double standard for me to call out a liar and one who brings False Testimony against a person in this Community - to tell them that they are Liars or whatever is appropriate.  If you talk about sleeping with your neighbor's wife I will call you an Adulterer... if you steal your neighbor's cat and eat it - I will call you a thief... where is the double standard that you imagine that I am using?

Why do you not answer to what I opened up and showed you when you said I was a pedifile and/or etc.? when you were wrong about that?  You get proved wrong and then you just jump to another thread and then do your troll thing like we never met before.  What gives?  I don't really care because I love you and I pray for you more than most... because it appears that you need the most prayer.  Thanks for allowing me this blessing for you...

And nice try to recruit +A State of Mind into your fold... but she is much too independent to follow or befriend such as you simply because you come against me without a cause - +A State of Mind is above that sort of thing.  She dislikes me for her own reasons which are different than those vindictive reasons you play with.  +A State of Mind is sincere with what she says to me and she truly believes what she says before she says it... you on the other hand are not even convinced in your own mind as to what you will say... though you write it.  You are quite different and you attack for reasons only demonic, +A State of Mind does it to clear her conscience and is not vile as some are.  That is why I really appreciate her, she is rather cool and I do love honest rebuking - even if it is wrong on most counts against me.  Nobody is perfect yet, eh?

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In case you were wondering where all that stuff came from.
The Astrobiological Periodic Table
compoundchem: Here’s a neat alternative periodic table by astrobiologist Professor Charles Cockell, showing astrophysical sources and biological uses of the elements! This is awesome!
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"TO appreciate the dumbing down of American politics, consider this: Conservative Republicans, indignant about abortion, are trying to destroy a government program that helps prevent 345,000 abortions a year.

Inevitably in politics there are good ideas and bad ideas. But occasionally there are also moronic ideas — such as the House Republican proposal to kill America’s main family planning program, Title X."
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How to make yourself feel small

Christians, please watch this video and let it sink in for a while then tell me why you think your god gives a shit about a tiny rock orbiting one tiny star in one of billions of galaxies like this.
Remember when NASA released what was coined ‘the most significant image ever captured?‘ Well they seem to have outdone themselves with this one. For a second, take a moment and think of how big our universe is. Where are we? Where do things begin? And where does it stop? We don’t have to answer this […]
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Let's take a moment to recap the argument of the last two posts here on The Archdruid Report before we follow it through to its conclusion. There are any number of ways to sort out the diversity of human social forms, but one...
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A prodigy grows up to become one of the greatest mathematicians in the world.
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Really good conversation.
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Problems of Belief Systems  - 
Greatest cartoon of all time. (And yes, I deliberately posted this in the Problems of Belief Systems rather than the Humor section.)
Seem to be missing something... 
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A classic!
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I haven't aged since 1976. Curious.
I was born at a very early age, on a dark and stormy night, at the height of Empire.

Think orders of magnitude and the number four (4). 
- Geologically speaking the earth has about 4 billion years left, then it's toast -- literally. 
- Biologically or evolutionarily speaking, our species might last another 4 million. Might, maybe...who really cares? 
- 400,000 years and homo sapiens will be as homo erectus (?!?) or homo sapiens archaic seem to us now. 
- 40,000 years and homo sapiens will be culturally more like Neanderthals were then. That will be a good thing. 
- In 4000 years our era will seem like the Egyptian Kingdoms do to us now: gate, gate, para gate, para sum gate
- 400 years -- everything is politically, culturally, economically, and environmentally -- drastically, dramatically, different!  USA no mas! 
- 40 years?  Modern industrial civilization is in collapse even as we speak and has 40 years left in the tank, max. Then Mad Max! 
- Politically, for the United States the next 4 years will mark a sea change.  
- Me, I figure I got 44 years, 4 months, 4 days, 4 hours, 4 minutes and 4 seconds left, give or take.
- I will live to see the first and most dramatic stages of collapse. You should be so lucky. 

In the meantime, "Never clean; after four years it doesn't get any dirtier.  Just don't lose your nerve."

Maxim #!:
Nature bats last.

Maxim #2:  
Tribal identity and belonging is the highest human value.  Everything else is an epiphenomenon -- posturing, posing, and window dressing.

Maxim #3:  
There is no supernatural, anything.  Never has been; never will be.  Ever.  The natural world is everything that ever was, is, or will be.  It is enough and far more than enough.

Maxim #4:
The supernatural is an uncontrollable variable that negates reason. 

Maxim #5:
Ideologies of all stripes, especially religious and political, have the utility of promoting tribal identity.  The downside is, they imprison the mind and make you stupid.


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