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看来只有一人一票的大选,才能把最高领导人逼上在线公共平台,比如 +馬英九+蔡英文 。否则,他们顶多去人民网视察一下,表示一下互联网很重要。

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各位Google+的朋友大家好,很高興能在這裡和大家交流意見、分享心情。我也希望讓這裡成為一個為台灣集氣加油的園地,歡迎大家呼朋引伴來這裡一起關心台灣、祝福中華民國,為台灣「+1」,讓世界看到 Taiwan Plus!

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So, it turns out that if you do some digging you can see Google's estimation of the strength of your relationship with other people in your network, or in other words, how much you care about them.

One of the requests your browser issues while loading Plus homepage is to

The reply, in json format, lists your friends and what seems to be a "relationship score". Here's my brother's line, for example:
["Alon Nir",,,36.94789383806835 {{the following fields were redacted}}]

Curiously, the score is not commutative, and my brother sees another (higher) score for me. Which leads to the following app, just waiting to be created, allowing lovers to check how much each "love" the other, kids checking who their parents love more and so on. If you create such an app and become a millionaire - please give me some credit :).

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