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Secret Pockets -- and Aprons, Books, and Connections
A Is for Apron -- ABCs: Aprons, Books, and Connections Everyone likes a secret and including a secret pocket in a garment is a fun thing to do.  This green apron has a secret pocket -- with a treasure inside.  And another secret as well...  All is revealed ...

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Celebrating Ezra Jack Keats and the Snowy Day
A Literary package for young and old -- Ezra Jack Keats's iconic picture book The Snowy Day must be on every child's book shelf.  Now comes a wonderful book about the persistence and ambitions of the author/illustrator Ezra Jack Keats. Ezra Jack Keats book ...

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Aprons for the Smallest Cooks
Aprons - a Touch of Whimsy. Just finishing adding the buttons to the latest aprons -- Check them out at Greenfroggifts on Etsy.   Take a look here! 1 each of designs #1 - #2 - #3 Child's aprons approximately 18 in. x 22 in. #1 - Fish with pocket and ruffle ...

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Pecans - a little history, and a couple of recipes
When I published Authors in the Kitchen: Recipes, Stories and More (Libraries Unlimited) I included a recipe shared with me by author and illustrator Bob Barner.  It's the best recipe for pecan pie that I have made. As part of the book I also researched a l...

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Santa Claus Soap and Lace
   ~A Gift and a Little History~ In 1864 Nathaniel Kellogg Fairbank moved to Chicago from New York, and established a lard-processing and soap-making company.  Using lard and lye was a rather standard set of ingredients to use in the making of soap.  Fairba...

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Santa Claus Soups and Lace

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Meet Peter H. Reynolds - Creativity*Courage*Persistence
Peter H. Reynolds and Paul Reynolds One of the most intriguing authors / illustrators is Peter
H. Reynolds.   Reynolds and his equally as
talented twin brother, Paul,  were born in Canada on March 16, 1961.   The Reynolds  have contributed much
to the lexic...

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa's Hidden Treasure
We have museums, parks, and fine restaurants.  We have sport complexes, and a whole area of town devoted to the Czech heritage.  But nestled in a corner of the NE section of Cedar Rapids is a hidden treasure -- the Noelridge Greenhouse.  Placed in a corner ...

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Garden Colors
Creating  Authors - Growing Gardens - Photo Skills It's always a delight to me when I come across a new book or two and a connection with an "old" favorite pops into my head.  Today, I came across this 2016 series of books from Gareth Stevens - Find out mor...
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