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Nobody Likes You When You're 23!
...Blink 182 got it right when they said that... In this year since my 23rd birthday, I haven't had much of a social life or any fun. I can honestly say this is one year that I won't want to relive. I am currently taking a cell phone break for a week. I wil...

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Rain Rain Go Away
...come again on a work day! Hello all - I'm feeling a little bit better since the last time I wrote.   see, I'm smiling and what not. That's the magic of getting your eyebrows done, lash extensions, and some vitamin D! Today is not a tanning day! It has be...

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Now it's a Waiting Process
Happy May! I know I'm a day late but it's hard to find time during the work week since I have so much going on. Remember last week how I was talking about all my exciting plans? They've been put on a pause for the time being. -The house I'm going to be rent...

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Oral Chronicles
...I know my title can be taken a bit dirty if your mind is always in the gutter, like mine! But I swear it's not what you think! I got my wisdom tooth removed this morning! I've only had this little (big) guy for 5 years. I've wanted to get it removed but ...

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Sun Dress Fever
First there was Spring Fever, then there was Summer Fever and now there's Sun Dress Fever. At least in my eyes, but I don't always see things clearly. Ask my eye doctor.  I am so excited to start wearing dresses again! For the last couple years I've been so...

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I love my feather babies
Something different about me now from the last time I was an avid blogger on here is I got farm animals. Well, two roosters, two ducks and a hen! No, I did not know I was getting two roosters either. It kind of just happened. March 2nd of 2015, I went to th...

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Tanning Tuesday!
Well, I can't really say I was productive today but I am looking a little bit darker and that makes me happy. A tan is kind of like my security blanket. I don't feel as confident when I don't have one. Tomorrow is going to be another tanning day and then fo...

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Simply Heather, say what?!
  Hello Blogger!   I've actually wanted to come on here for quite some time. It's been ages since I've been active with this thing. I've missed blogging so much! It used to be my outlet from the "real world" & I'm kinda needing something like that again.   ...

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Fall is almost here!!
yea I know, I know. I'm rushing time, as always. But I am pretty excited. I was at the mall yesterday picking out new hand soap for my birthday! (yes, people prefer I pick out my own gifts sense I can be a bit picky with certain things) and while I was at B...

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This is not the Summer of Love
But that's actually quite okay! So after almost three years of having my ex as a constant in my life, 1 and a half in which we were "working on things" I've finally found myself to say, it's time to take space. That was most definitely hard. You go from bei...
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