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Good News True Top Gear Nation! Apparently, the 3 Amigos together with Andy Wilman are deep in 'secret' negotiations with ITV. While Clarkson alone was a gamble BBC's commercial rival was not prepared to take, it appears that ITV cannot let the opportunity of getting the 3 Amigos and their awesome producer Andy Wilman (co-creator of the revamped Top Gear with Clarkson in 2002) as a package pass them by. I hear you wonder/question if they are ever going to go international again if they do a motoring show; but do not fret, ITV is also the creator and producer of Downton Abbey and it is globally released to eager markets too. Plus, they are said to be negotiating with streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime as the reach will be just as wide if not more so. With Top Gear being the number 1 downloaded TV show on iTunes, for sure a deal will be struck.

But, I hear you hesitating - what if they have a non-compete clause on their contracts? Well, they were not fired, the contract expired and often, many non-compete agreement can be argued against if it is to the interest of the public, if there is no legitimate interest to enforce and if the employer has somehow breached their contract in some way, not just to them but to individuals whose treatment by the company affected their employment there too (i.e. treatment of BBC of the last 3 episodes and the manner that they handled hungry,hungry Jezza affected Hammond, May, French, Wilman & the whole crew plus their clients worldwide).

If indeed the negotiations are progressing splendidly, Joy oh Joy! We fans of the rubbishly ambitious amigos cannot wait to laugh at their antics and to watch them make sense of the awesome technical motoring accomplishments on our TV again. The Beebs has to understand by now that what made Top Gear fun was these 3, and their Blokish, politically incorrect banter. It is their irreverence and sheer exuberant love of cars and life plus their friendship that is communicated to the audience. This is what we look forward to every Sunday and through this medium we enjoy cars and everything motoring related.

Come on ITV, get the deal done! Come on Netflix! Come on Amazon Prime! 350 million global fans await you. Thank you for taking a chance, when you sign the dotted line, you won't regret it.

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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May said to have met senior ITV executive fuelling speculation that they will take show to BBC's commercial rival
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Jaw-dropping....... wish I could be there to see this...

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Can Slug Glue Make Stitches Obsolete? by Michael Keller When it comes to sealing up surgical cuts and deep wounds, stitches are so last century. Though suture thread is now made of synthetic materials...

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All my favorite knitwear designers have started sewing.... time to think about taking up on sewing... 
Made Imogen a little dress for a family event that was in Burlington, VT last weekend. I made it quickly so it's not the nicest sewing, but it  felt good to be able to make something in one day. More sewing please.

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As Google unveils its largest ever doodle to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, we meet the designer Matthew Cruickshank who created it.

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Is there a much better way to start the day than with a little impromtu Beethoven’s 9th?
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basically a flash mob for classical music

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New Conductor Means Clear Speakers, Stretchy Artificial Muscle by Charles Q. Choi A stretchable, transparent artificial muscle is the key to a new loudspeaker that is as clear as a window. Researchers...

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From Jeah! We Mapped Out the Four Basic Aspects Of Being A "Bro" |

We noticed a few themes from the suggestions from our audience, and after a few days, we settled on four major dimensions of bro. These pillars, which may overlap, are stonerish-ness, dude-liness, preppiness, and jockishness. (Bro-ishness seems to preclude any uncomplicated ease with sexual and gender fluidity, it seems.)

So we need a couple favors from y'all. Tell us some public figures of color who might count as bros. (In the interest of keeping these comments relatively civil, let's avoid political figures.) Who are some youngish celebrity types who are most decidedly not bros? Is there anyone that you can think of who more typifies bro-ness than Lochte?

Send us your suggestions!
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Do your calves get along?

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Police Telephone Box

Police Telephone Box hasn't shared anything on this page with you.

World Of Technology: Complicated Mechanisms Explained in simple animations

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Asics Gel Resolution 4 Yellow/Violet Women's Shoes

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I love this cozy and locally owned independent bookstore. It may not be huge in physical footprint but it is heavily involved in the community reading scene: book clubs, weekly book/author appearance events are there to be found by any book lovers. Not to mention it is dog friendly- perfectly located right next to the flying star cafe... What's not to love!
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Been coming here for at least 4 years for my 2 dogs and it has been great. The owner Marylin is very knowledgeable, kind and professional. I hope the business will keep thriving as it is really hard to find a good grooming service like it.
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Am extremely impressed by Dr. Bleak's skills, professionalism and most importantly, he indeed practices "gentle dentistry"! He has a way to do all the tough dental work without making you feel like there's a battle going on in your mouth. My husband is being seen by Dr. Bleak now too and I highly recommend him.
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