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Professional writing, articles, SEO, web-copy, health, nutrition
Professional writing, articles, SEO, web-copy, health, nutrition

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well, it's one uniform photo, anyway...

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Happy New Year!  Yes, I know it's probably closer to the Chinese New Year, but hey-ho.
Golf is back, hurrah!
As such, herewith this year's first Fantasy Race to Dubai team, Ten Tee 20 Vision.
Blimey, they're teeing off in half an hour - better get some kip to report on the Woods/Kaymer/McIlroy trio tomorrow.
TTFN. xxx

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oh, it's just too good!
#rydercupweek #lukedonald  
Luke Donald & Max Headroom - separated at birth?

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A golf social network - fore golfers, by golfers (that's their tag line, not mine).
Meet others with your passion for golf!

Perfect for chewing the cud (instead of churning it up with a fairway wood), and, more importantly, networking your golf product and/or service.

Brand new site, bursting at the seams with golfers from all walks of life, free to join - it's rather quite good.
#golf #socialnetworks  

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both have their place, +UK Golf !
A little ditty, well, two in fact, about golf.  One from Royal Birkdale through the post, one from yours truly in the post...which thinkest thou is t'bestest?

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Yeah, yeah - I know it's swearing to mention the fb word on here but, do you know what? I couldn't give a rat's ass...

...if you like #golf , then you'll like this - simple.

Let me ask you a question, just one:-
Do you want more exposure for your golf product or service?

Then what are you waiting for?
Catcha in the nineteenth, coz that's where I'll be waitin'...
...Zebedeerox. x

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Okay, Google Plus is a decent enough social network, wouldn't you say?
But what if their was a social network purely for golfers?  Run by golfers for golfers?  And, yes, they allow women in, too!
We must be getting posh, as this invite was sent via a private #golf group on LinkedIn - ooh-err!

If it's not your cup of Darjeeling, please share this post with someone who you know would like to spend their time online in the company of other golf nuts and nothing but those Mad About their Golf...

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Wow, as well as the UK Golf Weekly, this guy produces the Darrelldoo Weekly - smart as well as handsome...what can you say?
This week's Darrelldoo Weekly is on the virtual shelves, if you wanna see how I've been idling away the last week.

A bit, no, a lot of #golf a bit of #seo a free #howtofacebook download and a couple of nice stories, too.

If you like it, why not subscribe? Free, once a week so not bombarding you with e-mails and I like to think that my scribing is entertaining, even if the subject matter's not your particular potato.

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Making the most of the free guest post service at It Drives Like a Golf and who can blame them...?
Thanks to Chris Dane, The Golf Mentor, for this fantastic post, The Key To Golf, on our blog earlier today.
Well worth a look even if you have, as Chris says, given up golf as a bad lot - where there's a will, there's a way!

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#golfcompetition , anyone? Four-ball up for grabs at the PGA Centenary, host of this weekend's Johnnie Walker - free to enter, no quizzes - just enter your details, fill out the gubbins and you're in with a shot.
All the best,
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