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Talking Points #3 on Gilbert: A Cycle of Outrage- James Gilbert (Quotes/Connections)
In “A Cycle of
Outrage” , James Gilbert beings
Chapter 1: A Problem of Behavior with
a blast to the past recollection of when Look   tried to help parents figure out how to tell if certain teens were delinquents
or not. They did this by printing common teen...

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Talking Points #8 on Teens Talk Back: Reflection/Free Post
I'd like to reflect on how I, as a teen, have talked back. Last semester, in my GEND 200 class, I conducted a survey online and throughout RIC, and did a lot of other research to look into slut-shaming and the virginity myth. I didn't put as much planning a...

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Talking Points #7 on Rose: Free Write/Hyperlinks
Tricia Rose is a Yale University and Brown University
graduate of Sociology and American Studies. She has taught at numerous colleges
and is currently the Professor of Africana Studies and the Director of the
Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in Am...

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Something Extra About Me and HELP
In case anyone is wondering, every weekend from Friday morning to Monday morning, I spend my time at the Coast Guard Academy and the Bennie Dover Middle School practicing to compete with the  7th Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps . I spin with the color guard, ...

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What do you think?
Here are some recent Tumblr posts I've come across that relate to teens, princess culture, etc....what do you guys think? http://banneroflupinsbones.tumblr.c...

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Talking Points #6 on Queer Youth: Extended Comments/Free Write/Connections
In our Queer Youth Readings for this week, Canada's Centre For Digital and Media Literacy brought up key questions to keep in mind while observing media representations of Queer Youth. These questions were: 1. Who created this media text? What is its purpos...

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Talking Points #5 on Orenstein: Argument/Reflection
Peggy Orenstein argues that princess culture is marketed to young girls in a way that teaches them what it means to be female. Femininity is thus defined to young girls and boys as whatever they see in advertising and merchandise based off of toys and movie...

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Talking Points #4 on Exhibit Outline: Teen Pregnancy
For my Midterm Project, I will be doing Teen Pregnancy in regards to history, discourse, and policy. My focus will be to challenge dominant discourses of teen pregnancy by suggesting a more positive outlook on teen pregnancy that could be achieved through m...

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A Tangle of Discourses: Girls Negotiating Adolescence: Rebecca C. Raby (Reflection/Hyperlinks)
Although I brought up reality television, in my
first blog post, I cannot help but mentally compare everything I read to media,
specifically television and pop culture... In this text, Raby examines the five dominant
Western discourses of adolescence: the s...
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