Extra, Extra, Extra Life!
Nov. 17th starting at 6 PM EST on twitch.tv/froggodgames live RPG featuring the horrible horrors of Rappan Athuk.
Win fabulous prizes from +Frog God Games, Chaosium, +Kobold Press, Pacesetter Games, +Gallant Knight Games, and the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society.

Every time you donate to Team NEG (https://goo.gl/bU82Ja), here’s what happens:
• You can mess with our game. Add monsters, help a player, teleport the party to an alternate dimension. Very few limits, very much fun.
• You’ll be entered in a bevy of raffles.
⁃ Every hour, we’re giving away a PDF from Gallant Knight Games ($1+ donation = 1 chance).
⁃ Every other hour, we’re giving away a $20 PDF gift certificate to Frog God Games ($2+ donation = 1 chance)
⁃ Betwixt midnight and 6 AM, during our Down Darker Trails Call of Cthulhu game, every other hour we’ll be giving away a Recording from the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society AND a PDF from Chaosium ($1+ donation = 1 chance). At 6 AM we’ll draw two winners for HPLHS prizes. From the $5+ donations, we’ll find a winner of their Solstice Carols CDs, and from the $10+ donations, we’ll choose somebody to get their fabulous complete recordings of H. P. Lovecraft. (Yes it’s true—for each $10 donation between midnight and 6 AM EST, you will be entered in 7 raffles.)
⁃ Pacesetter games is setting the pace for the morning with a $50 gift certificate on the line between 6 AM and 10 AM, and they will be bringing us home from 2 PM to 6 PM with another one ($2+ donations = 1 chance).
⁃ At the end, we will be drawing for a hard copy of The Blight and separately for a copy of Rappan Athuk, both wonderful hardbound books of dark gaming from Frog God Games. ($2 donation = 1 chance).
• Your money will be headed towards the +Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to help sick kids. That’s really the best!
Thanks to all our prize sponsors and thanks to you all for donating.
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