Nice how they call that image “meh-…”

Anyway, thanks to GEMA ( and Stealthy (, I’m now enjoying New Zealand ads before the video, and I’m looking forward to buying these NZ products should I ever get there.

What I was trying to achieve: watch Jessie J’s video “Domino” because when it was on the radio I thought it was quite Katy Perry-ish, and I wanted to see how both artists compare. (You should know that, for some reason or other, Katy Perry is very popular among XML geeks, as testified by +Norman Walsh, +Jim Fuller, and +Alain Couthures here:

Now how did they compare? Jessie J seems to be kind of tarty. Katy Perry, on the other hand, handles tartiness on a more playful or almost intellectual level. That’s why we’re so fond of her.

If I may draw a comparison, Jessie J is the bells-and-whistles API offensiveness of WHATWG’s so-called HTML while Katy’s restrained (bwahaha) and sometimes ironic iconicness impersonates how we XML peeps look at XDM, XQuery, XSLT, XProc, etc.: sound and well-formed, well-thought-out, built to last.

If one day MarkLogic goes public, I know that Norm, Jim and others will talk management into using some of the proceeds to send Katy to Prague to co-host the demojam. Already looking forward to this memorable event.
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