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GMapperF's post on 9/25/10 is great.  I used this to compare two paths from northern Virginia to Cincinnati Ohio for winter travel.  One path finish the high elevation in two hours, while the other is much more mountainous, up and down even higher mountains more times taking four hours before settling down.  I'd also note that these two steps can be simplified (no need to "Link"):
- Click on "link" above the top right corner of the map.
- Copy the top link.
can be simplified to just:
- When a path of interest is shown, just copy the url in the address bar.
Then continue as already described. Thanks GMapperHF.

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Chrome showing web image for yosemite on Google TV. Using converter to component cables to non HDCP monitor

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+GoogleTV Hackathon +Google TV Developers Short of buying new monitors, what can we do to use Logitech Revues with slightly older non-HDCP monitors? Help with the StackOverflow post below (or post here).

Nice - Browsing Google Plus using my USB mouse plugged into a Logitech Revue at +GoogleTV Hackathon. OK, back to work hacking an Android App for GoogleTV.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus needs an FM Radio app that can tune into radio stations. Real FM broadcasts, not internet radio stations. What's missing to do this? ...Original HTC Evo had this.

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Our 2 year old will love this. He loves elephants and I'd love a Galaxy Note!!
I'm always amazed at the abilities of elephants. This video (and the joy on the trainers face) is a delight.

Google IO Registration: Argh! 30 minutes of "No Tickets Available - You can try again". Now reports General and Academic both sold out. Bleah!

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At Googel+ SV-GTUG Meeting. Livestream video will be available at:

For those with Galaxy Tabs from Google IO, this looks like a useful reference. From @SamsungCarla

How Can I Find Available APIs & SDKs For My Wi-Fi GT-p7510 Galaxy 10.1 Tablet?
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