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I had a great time interviewing Gabriel Spitzer, host of WBEZ's Clever Apes, on how he produces such great local science stories for radio. On the Open Notebook!

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We keep exporting our hazardous waste - e-waste to China and Asia, now this great story on the horrible results of lead battery recycling in Mexico. Horribly wrong.

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Loved this hour of radio on olive oil - so much intrigue! I'll have to read the book. Not surprisingly (if you read his first New Yorker article), there's much to be wary of in the grocery stores...

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Love this.
What Do a Bunch of Old Jews Know About Living Forever? - New York Magazine

Irving Kahn is about to celebrate his 106th birthday.He still goes to work every day. Scientists are studying him and several hundred other Ashkenazim to find out what keeps them going. And going. And going. The secrets of the alter kockers.

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I heard Pinker speak about the data in his new book at NASW - and this profile by +Carl Zimmer is a fascinating look at the man behind the book...
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