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Just got my Moto 360 today for about $169! Definitely excited about my first smartwatch! Any tips for new user?

what's your favorite new feature of 5.0? I really like the swipe from the Corner and s-Pen additions. Any hidden features or tricks that you've discovered?

Is there a way to root a Verizon N3 on 4.4.4?

So I'm about to switch from Verizon to Straight Talk on my N3. Does this mean that I'll have to root to get any updates? I'm just glad to be off contract for the first time in 10 years!

So what has everyone heard about the possible 5.0 update and when it might come?

For those of you that have updated your Verizon GN3 to 4.4.4, what has your battery life been like? I've found that mine is much better and I'm getting almost 1 1/2hrs more screen time. I haven't noticed too much difference in other areas but I took a risk to give up root for the better battery life. As of now, I'm happy with my decision.

So I still love my N3 after a year but my battery life has gotten really bad. The biggest culprits are Android System and Android OS. I barely get 2 1/2 hrs of onscreen time. Any ideas or tips??

So does anyone think the Note 3 will eventually receive the Note 4's newer software enhancements? 

I do slightly regret updating my Verizon N3 to 4.4 because even though performance is good the battery life has declined. Has anyone else on the Verizon N3 experienced the same issue? If so, have you found a way to get it back to the old battery life? 

Has anyone else had the issue of using Google Play Music with Chromecast? It often just stops in the middle of a song or when my phone's screen turns off. Ideas?
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