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Slightly Burned Pants
The guys from Slightly Burned Pants!
The guys from Slightly Burned Pants!


This week's episode has been recorded but will not be released today. Look for it for late tomorrow or Friday.

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Listen to this week's episode and find out how you can win(?) a special piece of Slightly Burned Pants memorabilia.

The podcast should be pushed out to all platforms now. Sorry for the delay but as you know we suck at this.

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Grab some Fat Debbies and let’s get it on! Stick around to see just how many “hidden tracks” Sullivan can cram into one episode! We’re back! Who?! SBP!!

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A reminder: Despite our ineptitude Episode 94 is coming out tomorrow.

A preview of Episode 94.

Did we forget to do something this week?

It seems like we used to do something on Wednesdays.

Once again we have to delay the release of Episode 94 as sickness, scheduling, and technical failures have conspired against us.
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