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Mazlin Ghazali
Now working on Honeycomb and Squares Housing
Now working on Honeycomb and Squares Housing

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Overcoming the Problem of Car Parks for High-Density High-Rise
THE PROBLEM OF CAR PARKS FOR HIGH RISE Malaysia is reputed to have one of the highest levels of car ownership in the world. The planning requirement for apartments is two units of car parks for each unit, plus another 10% for visitors. This is a very high r...

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Tall Buildings Cost More than Shorter Ones; How to Maximize Site Coverage
Even if authorities allow higher
densities, high-rise would still be expensive. Taller buildings cost more to
build compared to lower ones. As we go higher, there are thresholds above which
costs become disproportionately more onerous. Structures cost more ...

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The Checkerboard Plan
The medium-rise Honeycomb apartment with the
checkerboard-plan can provide an answer to the problem of affordable housing in the main urban centres of Malaysia. Let me first introduce the concept. The basic checkerboard layout plan
consists of eight duplex ...

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High-Density Medium-Rise Honeycomb Apartments: Building More Units to Reduce Land Cost
When we look at major urban centres like Kuala
Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru the problem of affordable housing appears
daunting. The high price of land requires that very high-density apartments
high-rise, but there is a cap on how many houses may be built...

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A 5-Storey High-Density Honeycomb Apartment
ground level is slightly lowered to make it into a lower-ground floor ground
floor and is fully utilized to provide car parking. If laid out efficiently,
the number of car parks provided will be able to support up to 60 units of
apartments per acre. The...

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From 5-storey Point Blocks to Honeycomb 5-storey V-Saped Apartments
The first low -cost houses in Malaysia were single storey terrace houses. As land became more expensive, developers built double storey terrace houses which could fit in more units per acre. They made savings in infrastructure costs too. But the cost of bui...

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Low-Cost 5-storey Low Cost Flats
the 1980’s, Malaysia developers were required to set aside 30% of the houses
they build to be low cost houses priced below RM25,000. Implemented and amended
to varying degrees by State and Federal Governments through the years, it has
been clear for s...

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Developing more Cluster Townhouse Designs
PR1MA PENGKALAN, ALOR GAJAH The clients were so happy with the response to the Townhouses that they then changed their plans for the next phase of 50 acres to a proposal for all Townhouses.  My firm had earlier prepared a mix income layout for this site, wh...

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this last part of the book, we will look at specific designs that can address
the problems of delivering low-cost, low-medium cost and affordable housing
that almost all Malaysians can afford to own a house. HOUSING

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Point-Block Low-Rise Low-Cost Apartments
Apart from the shop-house, the other building-type that I had developed as a solution to low-cost housing was the 5-storey walk-up flat. Most walk-up apartments in Malaysia can be described as slab blocks. In a paper written in 2000 I argued that the point ...
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