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Casey Quinlan
Journalist, feminist, Wearer of Many Hats (literally)
Journalist, feminist, Wearer of Many Hats (literally)

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8 Things You Can Learn From Silver Screen Goddesses
Sometimes I see my preteen or teen relatives on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, and wonder what advice I'd give them, if they actually wanted it. And they probably don't. I'm a 26 year old crone to them - I mean I might as well be 40, but...if they asked fo...

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If You Accuse People of Having "Daddy Issues" You've Got Issues
I’ve been trying to process the term
“daddy issues” for a while now. The term came to my attention again when I
saw the headline of a piece criticizing a feminist writer on my Twitter feed,
and then, suddenly it showed up everywhere – in comments on feminis...

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Mike Huckabees’s New Book Spreads Myths About Bisexuality
Mike Huckabee’s new book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy,” has
been getting a lot of attention lately, especially for his slam on Beyonce and
Jay-Z, which demonstrates just how out of touch he is: You pick an example of a
successful married couple to demonstra...

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6 Types of Misogynists You'll Meet in Your Lifetime
1    1. Stanley Kowalski misogynist – or the classic
misogynist. He walks around in a stained undershirt literally named after domestic abuse. He
scratches his chest. He drinks - a lot. He burps aloud and not long after he
(unironically) asks you to make hi...

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What We've Learned From the Elliot Rodgers Murders
There is no one reason for the recent killing spree in Isla Vista. There are a myriad of reasons. Although I'm sure mental health played a part, plenty of mentally ill people don't kill other people. But what strikes me as unique to this particular crime, i...

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Let's play the game: Is that really sexist?
Hillary Clinton's age: I would be the first person to say that age should be an issue when considering a president. It should be a part of the conversation. In that way, I don't think that bringing up age, in itself, for Clinton, is sexist. It is the way he...

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Most Women Can’t Afford to ‘Recline’
Rosa Brooks wrote an engaging and refreshing take on the Sheryl
Sandberg revolution for Foreign Policy, telling women to sit back in their
LazyBoys and recline. Brooks says that our work culture is toxic, promoting the
idea that more work hours are better, ...

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If Feminists Failed Monica in 1998, Did New York Feminists Fail Lis in 2014?
In the past week, feminist writers
have looked back on Monica’s treatment by many feminists and liberal
intellectuals at the time and declared that everyone could have done better. But
are we doing better now? The feminism we see now has grown more diverse ...

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Same sex couples still face a myriad of legal hurdles that often require them to hire attorneys and spend considerable money on financial planning.

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Why Young Straight Women May Love Danny Castellano and Nick Miller
For two shows that have been
branded “for women,” The Mindy Project and New Girl, both Fox comedy shows have
few prominent speaking roles for women outside of Jess Day and Dr. Mindy
Lahiri, of course. The original humor of New Girl was that Jess is surround...
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