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Haven't figured out how to use this to best advantage!  Facebook group is growing.  I'm on a learning curve here!  WHEEEEE!!!

I started a Facebook group like this, and thought there might be people here who aren't on Facebook. There may be some creative overlap!

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This is me with Buster Fulton at my Fort Worth Genealogical Society talk. Folks were perusing my book of Fort Worth real estate records (City Property, 1914-1916, now on, ISBN 978-1484828830), and he spoke up and said, "There's my uncle!" Old records, discarded, from 100 years ago! WHAT ARE THE ODDS!!! We were both thrilled, and I gave him a draft of the book -- will now be sending him the real thing.

Off to speak with the East Texas Genealogical Society about Cemetery Symbolism!  Yippee!

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Switching my +Google account to the one with the email address. I haven't done any major damage yet!  If I drop you accidentally, please hop back on board!  I'm cross-eyed from proofing an index (to my own work, no less!)  And I'm tired -- it's past midnight, and nothing good happens after midnight!  Going to lay my little head down (although it looks big in the photo) and sleep until tomorrow!  I talk a lot sometimes.

Testing my googly stuff. Check out my (direly in need of update) blog at !  Please!
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