Borås Pinball Classics Open - Borås

We attended Borås Pinball Classic Open last weekend. It's been a while since I've travelled to play pinball abroad, and also the first WPPR noted event I've ever taken outside Finland.

It's also been a while since I've last flown with Finnair, and they left a lasting impression :) The online check-in system left lots to hope for - for some reason it just didn't accept the reservation id and last name, or the e-ticket number. Fortunately the booths at the airport worked. This is something even the cheapo-airlines get right! The Embraer E190 jet was a new type of aircraft for me, and we hailed its two-by-two seating over 737's three-seated arrangement. 

Borås was an hour's flight away from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The Landvetter airport was half-way between Borås and Göteborg. Our Hopeakuula association crew of four opted to take the bus to Borås downtown. A short ride later we found ourselves at Borås travel hub and we wandered to our hotel from there.

My local colleague had his work cut out for him, as the hotel's IT systems were down as we arrived and we couldn't check in. We proceeded to sample the local beers and ciders in the hotel's restaurant while the system was brought up.

Later on we located the arcade. The place was rather impressive - there were tens of pins (over 100 according the official propaganda, I didn't count) and some other arcade machines as well. The pins were from EM era to latest Sterns, with lots of DMD machines at the back and EMs/early SS machines near the entrance.

I had the option to play my qualification rounds on Thursday, but feeling a bit beaten up thanks to the long day of travelling, we just played for fun and talked with the locals.

Me and Pilvi dedicated Friday for checking out the city. We found lots of beautiful places, but most tourist attractions were closed thanks to the winter time. I hope we'll come back some day during summer time.

Later that night I finished my qualification games for both, the main and side tournament.  I guess I did okay in the main qualifications; there were some machines like Time Line I had never seen before. Time Line was also the one I played my works games on. I read the rulesheet, but the machine didn't behave as I expected. I was later on told by AEP that sometimes completing the objectives will not give you the crosses needed to win the tic-tac-toe -game on the playfield. One of the locals commented, that my score was good ... for a Finn. Thanks for that, BTW.

Speaking of old friends, I still recall meeting's Aeneas IRL after 10 years of meeting him online for the first time. This time I met Norwegian ARE, who is another old #pinball  lurker. 

My side tournament games were BS's Dracula, Radical and Transformers. Radical was a bit letdown as I failed to score the multiball jackpot and was left with just a bit over 7M. I got 333M on Dracula, and was somewhat happy with that. Another local however commented that it was a crap score. I found this a bit puzzling as last I checked, it was the 3rd best score in the tournament. The Transformers was a total crap-fest and I struggled to get over 10M on it. Apparently the multiballs are worthless, which is a shame as it's my preferred playing mode.

Majority of other Finns arrived on Saturday. I teamed up with LAH from Hopeakuula and played our split team entries with him. OMO gave us some tips on the Harlem Globetrotters, but it didn't go that well and neither did Bally's Playboy at first, but I took a timeout and examined its rules a bit closer to figure out a better strategy. In the end, advancing the bonus multiplier and trying to hit the 'grotto' shot from the left flipper was the way to go. Our less than average game on the Globetrotters however dropped us from the competition. 

The side tournament continued later that day. I got past the qualifications, being 6th out of 8 best who'd get on the second round. Probably the biggest disappointment came during my first play-offs round. I went against JAX and started out with The Shadow. JAX was a bit 'under the influence', but still managed to hit the skill shot every time, but draining soon after that. I again couldn't even do that, I got two zero-flip balls, and one ball I managed to flip two times. Talk about disappointing start!

Next up was Elvira and the party monsters. I started out strong, getting two multiballs on my first ball. The thing was, that neither of those multiballs ended up in jackpot. JAX got to multiball on his 2nd ball, and scored the jackpot. My last ball was just plain panicking and I drained just when I had lit the 3rd lock. JAX needed some convincing that he had won the game. It was game over for me, another who-caresh-th place. AEP suffered similar fate, being dropped off on the second play-off round.

We came to check out the finals the next day. OMO-JT split team did well, OMO also scored bronze on the side tournament. Other than that, the top-10 was overran by yellow-blue flags.

I hope I can attend more foreign tournaments this year, I'd sure love to visit Spain, UK and France. Thank you INK and others for the tournament! I hope to see Borås soon again. Oh, and on our way back Finnair's check-in system failed us again, except this time there were no self-service booths at the airport. Go Finnair!

Borås Pinball Classic Open 2013
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