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Leticia and I are graduating from my Comedy Stand Up class at Dallas Comedy House. I would love to have our friends there!

There are 10 of us in the showcase and everyone has a great act with lots of laughs.

Just 5 bucks online in advance (too poor, let me know, we have a few tickets extra). No minimum cover charge for drinks. Order quick so the comedy club can book us in the big theater :o)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 7:30 PM
Dallas Comedy House, Dallas, TX

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Great article. It is strange to even find GMO is an issue to most people. We think we are part of the future, why pick on poor GMO? Let's just say that there are things we like to see as demons. Demons and such supernatural actors are the things of fantasy, so others arise like GMO. GMO is mysterious. Demons are mysterious. In the old days we used religion and superstition, or paid the shamans to cast away the demons. Today we speculate and fight for GMO labeling to know what is tainted by the demons. We work the other end too. When we feel sick we seek out the miracle cures (guaranteed to work based on the label and high price for that sugar water). It is just the fall of superstition, the rise of science and the inevitable rise of new world superstition: Pseudoscience! Maybe there is a GMO that is bad, but all of them? Read about how cheese is made and you will eventually learn about the most important GMO of modern times! Ok, so more cheese in the world might be bad... No, can't imagine. So read the article, eat some cheese. Put on your pseudoscience lab coat and do some experiments :o)

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Where is the graph where I think I am not an expert, but really do know what I am doing? Is that delusional incompetence?
Chances are good, every person reading this is in the hazard phase for some area of knowledge.
Act like an expert - assume you know far less than you think you know before speaking out or acting on anything.

(Credit for graph to Simon Wardley.)

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Leticia Ferrer at TEDx speaking about the upcoming Great American Eclipse, August 21, 2017. There is a whole lot more, but Leticia is a bit more important to me, science, and even Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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What? Pseudoscience on factual TV? No! Say is isn't so! I must admit to the sad fact that I never used the word 'codswallop' in a sentence.

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#2016eclipse video
of total eclipse near Palu Indonesia

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Google map of Texas Cycling Events for 2016
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