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Lisa Warner-Pernod
My passion is Art. I love to create something that, once completed, I can stand back and look at and be absolutley amazed that I created it
My passion is Art. I love to create something that, once completed, I can stand back and look at and be absolutley amazed that I created it

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Q: How To Use Yogurt For Hair Growth?

A: Banana and yogurt method

You Will Need

½ a Ripe Banana
1 tbsp Yogurt
3 tsp Honey
1 tsp Lemon Juice

Processing Time: 30 minutes


In a bowl, mash the banana until there are no lumps.
To the mashed banana, add the rest of the ingredients and mix until you get a smooth, consistent paste.
Apply this mixture from the roots to the tips of your hair until it is entirely covered.
Keep the hair mask on for at least 25-30 minutes.
Wash off with Shampoo.

How Often?
You can repeat this up to twice a week.

Why This Works

This mask is extremely hydrating, nutritious and it also contains scalp cleansing properties. It helps keep both your scalp and your hair healthy.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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This is the kind of information that I am in need of finding, really fast.  My 23 year old daughter lives in Justice, IL and has two small precious little boys ages 2 and 3.  Her husband had moved out of the family home as of this last Jan. and has moved in with his parents who live in Orland Park and are not hurting for money.  My daughter makes a moderate living, but as we all know, extra funds are impossible to come up with in this day.  She has been served her divorce papers from her soon to be ex husband and he and his family have hired a high priced Attorney, knowing that we will have difficulty even coming up with a retainer for my daughter to have a fair fight.  They had made out obsurb allegations against my daughter and are trying to take full custody away from her AND nail HER for child support.  I have a little background in Law as a Paralegal, and I helped her prepare her Appearance and Response and they have been filed.   NOW........ I am on the FRANTIC SEARCH for some guidance on where I turn from here to find my baby an Attorney that will take her case.  I did not mention that I reside in Fairmount, Indiana along with a lot of family in the area.  We are normal folks.  We are hard workers, honest and loyal, we pay our bills, pay our taxes, cook our meals and sit down to the dinner table every night and give thanks to the good Lord for what we DO have, not what we don’t have.  We don’t have much, but we have come up with some funds in order to pay a retainer, but we do not have the $2,500 - $5,000 retainer that I am hearing over the phone as I sit here making phone calls trying to save my daughters life from being absolutely shattered beyond belief!  I am just heartsick over this.  I cant sleep, cant eat and the worry is wearing on my health.  Please, someone help!  My daughter is STUCK in Chicago ALL ALONE, she has no one!  No family there to support her and she is looking to her Mommy to help her, as she should.  I am begging someone to help guide me on where to go and what to do from here.  She has to Appear in Court for Temp Custody and Child Support on July 3rd.  We must have someone to help her by then.  She also just received a package of legal documents from his Attorney (not signed by any judge) that is like 60 pages asking for her to produce stuff like her Personnel File from her current work as well as past along with all financials contained in that file and any disciplinary actions and so on and so on and so on .... she has to respond to that by the 28th of June.  I told her DO NOT do anything because I don’t believe they have any legal right to that information.  Help!  Please.  Not asking for anything free by any means.  We will pay what we have to pay.  I am in Indiana and she is in Chicago and I don’t know what to do.Collapse this post

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Lisa Pernod

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