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Thunder, Lightening almost frightening. Rain was great, but not enough to get rid of the Locust blossoms that I am allergic to.

Woke up with snow on the ground. Shovel snow in May

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The hunters that didn't come up or let early missed a great weekend. No rain until last night and only enough to wet the sidewalk. Tonight is different as the thunderstorms arrive. See the reults live at - its free

I can hear folks shooting squirrels in the distance. A beautiful day to hunt those pesky critters.

Make sure you found all your Easter eggs. They will give off a wonderful order after a while. You don't have much time to take advantage of the snow cover for shooting squirrels and the badgers are thick too. The badgers, after the squirrels, are the ones that make big holes to catch tractors.

Cedarville squirrels are still on the run. It's a beautiful day for it too.

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What an nice ay again. he squirrels are in trouble when the come up. They thought the badgers were bad but the hunters are worse. Run for your life little varmints.

We had a great Home, Garden and Ranchers event at the Fairgrounds. The free lunch was remarkable! Disheartening was the discussion of what the State and Fed are doing with water laws. I don't think the legislatures have a clue about water and it is their staffs that seem to run wild with the power to affect how you use your water. If you are a 10ac ft or more they are going to make you spend more than you ever believed. 

A little rain, A little sun and a little snow but no wind today.
Go Squirrel Hunters and Eagles.

It's squirrel round up time in Cedarville, CA where the hunters help the ranchers by killing the Beldon Squirrels and in the process feed the Eagles that swoop down and grab them while they are hot. Come stay at the JnR Hotel and enjoy the Chambers BBQ and festivities.
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