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Co-founder at Unfold design studio
Co-founder at Unfold design studio


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While looking for connections in Japan I remembered the map +Jonathan Keep made few years ago. Some new places on there but I don't think everyone is on there. Feel free to update!

hello / こんにちは!
Is anyone here based in Tokyo, Japan?

We, +Unfold, will be traveling to Japan as part of a delegation with the Flemish (Belgium) minister of culture and looking for connections with the larger ceramic 3d printing community. Other suggestions welcome too.


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Since +Tom Lauerman thinks it's a little quit here, another poll!

Q: what type of sheet material do you print on?

Please elaborate in the comments!
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drywall / gyproc / sheetrock
something else? specify in the comments

anyone here based in Tokio/Japan?

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For those in Belgium or The Netherlands looking for a large delta, my local reseller Trideus has a stock sale this Friday & Saturday and there're 6 strongly discounted TripodMaker Black large deltas on sale. Originally 3019€, now 786,50€! This is a 1 meter high delta with a build volume of ø 300 x 450 mm. It is very close in design to the one I build myself with MakerSlide rails. The TripodMaker company stopped so there is no support but from what I've seen it's well constructed, very modular and so should be easy to adapt/fix...
I think this price is only for the stock-sale when you physically go there, not online (there it is € 1.208,79).

more info:

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It's been a while but I posted something again to It's a short post with links to resources for reviving the long deprecated BfB Rapman that I used to bootstrap my first ceramic 3d printers with in 2009. It mostly points to an excellent resource by Alvaro Salgado who just posted a new tutorial to update the extruder:

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Got some of these in stock in our webshop if anyone is interested. Set of 2 mugs, porcelain with grey-green transparant glaze inside, bisque outside. Each one in the set is differently facetted. Color only available as long as stock lasts...

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Looking into buying a pug mill. Currently doing a production run of 650 cups, in part as an experiment in what it takes to do large production, and with two machines running full time the bottleneck for one person operation is definitely clay preparation and cartridge filling. So I know that +Yao van den Heerik & +3D POTTER are using a VENCO pugmill. Anyone else using one? Anny issues preparing the softer than normal clay that we require? Can you just throw in the clay from a pack and add the extra water or do you need to pre mix everything and then throw in the pug? Can you extrude straight into cartridges? Is the vacuum needed and does it work with soft clay?
I was also looking at Peter Pugger and from what I read it seems a bit more capable as a mixer/pugger as you can throw even powder + water in and it will mix for x minutes in vacuum and then you flip a switch and it goes into extrusion mode. But still waiting for price from one of the few EU suppliers. Other brands available here are Shimpo which is not vacuum but has a twin auger marketed as 'virtually air free' and cheaper than Venco (stainless steel for said price as standard steel Venco) & Rohde (looks not so suitable).
What do you think? Not the type of item I'm willing to buy on impulse like the Anycubic delta :-)

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posted some updates on my experience with building & converting the +ANYCUBIC 3D machine into a ceramic 3d printer in the original thread.

Hi all,

Finished building the AnyCubic Linear Kossel, now I was looking at the default firmware trying to remember what to change for clay printing. Obviously out of the box it gave a MINTEMP error. Now to my big surprise I got it working with only one change, setting the thermistor type (TEMP_SENSOR_0) to 998 so it would fake a permanent 25°C. Now it throws no errors when I attempt to print a file sliced with 25°C. I though more was needed, override low temperature extrusion prevention etc. Anyone who has recent experience modifying Marlin who can chime in? This sounds too simple :) +Jonathan Keep, have you been setting up little delta's recently?
Made me think about our recent discusion about advocating for clay print features in slicers. I think we should advocate for on click 'cold' setting that just skips all extruder heating stuff.
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