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Beach in Torres, Brazil

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Ya ALLAH Give us a Chance To See Your Beautiful House
Ya ALLAH Forgive Our Parents
Ya ALLAH Make Us Good Muslims
Ya ALLAH Help The Poor
Ya ALLAH Help Us in Education
Ya ALLAH Give Us A Hidayah
Ya ALLAH Give Health to ill People Ameen

No matter how many people let me down, Ya ALLAH, I know You never will
No matter how many people hurt me, I know You never would
No one can help me but You
No one can love me as much as You love me
No one cares about me more than You do
~ Subhan ALLAH ~

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its ammmmmmmmmmazing plz episode 2 upload very soon in sha Allah 

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For #FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner! Tulips also reminds us all of #everythingeaster by +Sonja Miller Williams +Monique Yates and +April Gamel !

They say three's a charm and this is my third post of tulips this week, but if you grow flowers like me, it's always a joy to share them when they bloom. These are the pink ones in my garden.
Happy Friday everyone and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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