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Looking forward to see what +Google are up too here! 

"Power Searching with Google"  - Class one at the 10 of July!
Google is not affiliated with the contents of Power Searching with Google or its owners. If you sign in, Google will share your email address with Power Searching with Google, but not your password or...
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Simply - amazing! 
This speech, by +Cory Booker, makes me feel so small

Small? Yes, small. I have done so little with so much. My family gave me so much. I have not faced the challenges Booker's family has. I have not held the body of a dying child, the way Booker has. I have not helped a community the way he has. 

We need more leaders like Cory. 

This inspires me to do more. A must watch.
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Jeg har stort set ikke brugt Twitter siden jeg begyndte at bruge G+. Jeg kan nu se at jeg ikke er alene, selv +Robert Scoble er ved at drifte væk fra Twitter og over på G+ - Spændende udvikling!
What is the new social media ghost town?

OK, let me get this straight.

Since July of last year:

I've gone from 0 to 1.5 million followers here.

On Facebook at I've gone from 13,000 to 261,000 followers.

Yet on Twitter at I've gone from 240,000 to 260,000 followers.

I'm also getting more engagement on both Facebook and Google+.

Yet Google+ is derided in the tech press as a "ghost town." I think the data is starting to show that this is unfair and, well, simply wrong.

So, what's the new social media ghost town? I say it's Twitter. Follower growth has NOT kept up there with the other services, which is telling me something.

What is it telling me?

1. That while number of tweets have gone up, people are getting overloaded so they aren't following more people. Why is that? Because there isn't any noise controls on Twitter (Facebook's feed, on my screens, is a LOT more useful than Twitter's feeds).

2. I'm on Google+'s suggested user list, which is gifting me a huge number of followers. But I got up to 230,000 without ever being on that list here. Lots of people are signing up and at least a few ARE sticking around here.

3. Over on Facebook there are ways to get spread around more, and juice its suggested user feature (this is one thing Facebook does better than Twitter or Google+ since this list is algorithmic and doesn't show a single same list to every user), which gets you more users.

4. Facebook juices its subscriber numbers through lists. If you get put on a list with, say, 30,000 followers, all those followers will be added to your follower count.

Seriously, I know Twitter's not a ghost town, but it sure feels like that because of the usage model there. As it has turned into more of an "information utility" and less of a community it feels more and more empty.

A few other things?

I really hate Twitter's list limitations. On Twitter you can only put 500 people on a list. No such limitation exists here on Google+ or on Facebook. Also, on Twitter you can only have 20 lists per account. No such limitation exists here on Google+ or on Facebook. I don't get why they don't fix this, especially given that they say Twitter is an information utility.

Over on Facebook I'm really liking the ticker, which isn't yet integrated into its mobile apps. But these "attention signals" which show what your friends are listening to, reading, liking, eating, etc, are more useful to me than Twitter's tweet stream, especially when you consider that they aren't part of the feed, which means the feed has a lot less noise (over on Twitter I just saw Steve Wozniak check in on Foursquare, which is totally noise to me and is the kind of stuff I no longer see on my Facebook feed).

Finally, if you look at Flipboard and other readers like Zite, and Pulse, I am starting to like Facebook's display a lot more on those. Why? Because Facebook gives more signals through its comments and its noise filtering (which Flipboard then augments with its own round of noise filtering). I expect that when Google+ gets a real API and developer support (I expect that will come in late June at the Google IO conference) that it'll be the same.

This is a long way of saying: am I reading these signals right?

Is Facebook and Google+ going up in your world and Twitter staying flat or going down, especially when you consider time spent on each actually reading other people's content?
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Ser endelig ud som om der sker noget revolutionært for uddannelserne.
Standford er forhåbentlig ved at sparke gang i en mere praktisk uddannelsesform, hvor teorien bliver anvendt og ikke bare udenadslært.
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Kan være man skulle have ny telefon
We’ve been hearing the rumors for months now, and now Samsung has gotten official with the newest member of its Galaxy line of smartphones, the Galaxy S III.

The phone has a 4.8” touchscreen, 8-megapixel rear-facing and 1.9 mexapixel forward-facing camera, and comes running the latest version of Android — Ice Cream Sandwich. Much like the HTC One X, the camera has zero shutter lag so you can capture photos instantly. The camera is also capable of taking 20 photos at once in burst mode, and a feature called “Best Photo” will pick the best shot out of a group of eight.

The NFC-capable Galaxy S III has a HD Super AMOLED (1280×720) screen, offering more subpixels than a Super AMOLED screen resulting in improved colors as well as better visibility in bright situations.
Will you buy?
Samsung has gotten official, announcing the newest member of its Galaxy line, the Galaxy S III.
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Bliver Facebook din online bank?

Efter at have diskuteret emnet med +Thomas Power  for et par år siden, ser det nu ud til at blive en realitet! Facebook dropper deres Credits og lancere i stedet en "iTunes-look-a-like" model! 

Om ca. et år sidder du formentlig og trykker på en lille blå knap, hvor der står "Buy with Facebook" på diverse netbutikker.
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Der kommer flere og flere detaljer ud om prototypen af Google Glasses
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Remember that odd-looking Google Glasses prototype the search giant has been pushing since April -- and that co-founder Sergey Brin has been wearing to practically every event since? Well, now we
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Super let måde at dele stort set hvilken som helst webside på G+
Share Practically Any Web Page on Google+ With This Bookmarklet

It should be super easy to share cool stuff you find on the web with your friends on Google+. Add this bookmarklet to your browser, including modern non-Chrome browsers, and with a single click, you can share from almost any website. Add an intro, select the photo you want, and share with your circles - all without requiring an extension.

Find it here and drag it to your bookmarks:

I've included a couple examples, from both Chrome and Safari. Credit goes to +Ilmari Heikkinen for putting this together.
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