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Donald Sheldon
I like to use my brain at people
I like to use my brain at people

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To introduce new players quickly, is there a better + shorter setting description than this one?

I'm good with my dice, but not so happy with my tokens. I use glass beads for lightning and poker chips for might and they feel ok, but I think I want something more thematic. What's the coolest thing you've used or seen for lightning and might tokens?

For one-shots, do you prefer to run a proper crew, with crew sheet and all, or to skip that part of "character" creation and just get on with the scoundreling?l

Good god, ghosts are awesome. One monster, a two hour encounter and one player even says "that was like being in a horror movie, in the good way."

The narrative aspects of DW move so smoothly between combat and psychological thriller. It never would have worked in, for example, d&d.

Do you have any great scenes with just one monster? Tell me about them.

What's the oldest, coolest game you have that you still play regularly? (For whatever values of "old", "cool", and "regular" work best for you.) And that you don't play?

I'm still thinking about my first answer, the second one is easy.

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Many of you have heard about Stepto by this point, if you follow the explosion of love he's received on social media. He woke from his coma on Saturday, and his family and friends are raising money to help with medical and related costs.

If you're the sort of person who wants to donate directly, or even just read his story, awesome!

For those who don't know Stepto, +Brianna Reed and I are bringing back our Play Everything posters and donating the money to Stepto. The run is limited to 50, and I'm closing it at the end of the month.

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Yikes! There's somebody who's put their ten thousand hours in.
Some guy cut the Millennium Falcon on 1 piece of paper with an X-Acto knife...the force is strong in this one.

#millenniumfalcon   #starwars   #kirigami  

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If only I knew artists who loved this movie%
Violation glove anyone?

This art book is AMAZING.

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Google Auto-Awesomed our trip to the Hartford Science Center and I liked it so much that you have to watch it too.
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