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HR 1049 Introduced – DOD Cybersecurity Database
Last week Rep. Langevin (D,RI) introduced HR 1049,
the Department of Defense Emergency Response Capabilities Database Enhancement Act
of 2017 . This is a companion bill to S
307 ; that is an identical bill introduced to allow for simultaneous action
by both...

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ICS-CERT Publishes Three Advisories
Today the DHS ICS-CERT published three control system
security advisories for products from Schneider Electric, Red Lion Controls and
VIPA Controls. Schneider Advisory This advisory describes a resource exhaustion vulnerability in the Schneider Electric Mod...

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HR 1030 Introduced – Cyberattack Measurement
Last week Rep. Wilson (R,SC) introduced HR 1030,
the Cyber Attack Standards of Measurement Study . The bill would require the
Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to conduct a study on measuring and
quantifying damage from cyber incidents. This bill is v...

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ICS-CERT Updates XZERES Advisory
Yesterday the DHS ICS-CERT updated a control system security
advisory for products from XZERES. The original advisory was
published on December 8 th , 2015 and then
updated on December 10 th , 2015. The new update describes new
mitigation measures for the c...

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HR 940 Introduced – Securing Communications
Earlier this month Rep. Jackson-Lee (D,TX) introduced HR 940,
the Securing Communications of Utilities from Terrorist Threats (SCOUTS) Act .
The bill addresses the relationships between DHS and critical infrastructure in
planning for, and responding to, ter...

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HR 923 Introduced – Repeal of Cybersecurity Act
Earlier this month Rep. Amash (R,MI) introduced HR 923 which would repeal the Cybersecurity Act (Division N, PL
114-113 ). Amash and his bipartisan cosponsors are concerned about the way the
Cybersecurity Act was slipped into the 2016 Consolidated Appropria...

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HR 905 Introduced – Computer Code Copywrite Transfer
Earlier this month Rep. Farenthold (R,TX) introduced HR 905,
the You Own Devices Act . This bill address some of the copywrite issues
related to software used to operate equipment. Software Copywrite Issues The bill amends 17
USC 109 , “Limitations on exclu...

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ECS-CERT Describes Safety System Malware
Washington, DC The ECS-CERT today announced that they had discovered a new
cybersecurity worm that specifically targets safety control systems. The newly
discovered UNSICHER worm was discovered during an ECS-CERT investigation of a
control system incident a...

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Reader Comment – Moxa NPort Advisory
Today Reid Wightman posted
a comment to a December blogpost that mentioned a control system security advisory published by
ICS-CERT for Moxa NPort products. Reid was identified as one of the researchers
that identified one or more of the vulnerabilities cov...

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S 307 Introduced – DOD Cyber Capability Database
Earlier this month Sen. Ernst (R,IA) introduced S 307, the Department
of Defense Emergency Response Capabilities Database Enhancement Act of 2017 .
The bill would require DOD to specifically include cybersecurity capabilities
in an existing DOD emergency re...
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