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A Social Media Marketing Firm With A Difference...
A Social Media Marketing Firm With A Difference...


Have you made any successful connections or sales from your #googleplus   profile/page? #networking   #business  

'Like' = Yes!
'Comment' = No!

There are currently 666 people/pages on Google+ that have us in their circles. Please, for the love of GOD (not Satan) can someone else add us! #shareablemedia #satanicnumbers  

Who's heading to London for the Olympics? #london2012 #london2012hangout #londonolympics  

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Awesome track! We're supporting...Can you support it too? +Nikki Murray needs to hit 5,000 views by the end of today for his music video for "She's Electric".

Please support & share this post!

#sheselectric #nikkimurray #ukartist #singersongwriter #zyrecords #musicvideo
We want to get 5,000 views on the YouTube video for my track #whiskey by the end of today! Can you help us do it?

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Me too! #stpatricksday2012
As it's the #rugby & #stpatricksday2012 today, who's enjoying a cold #guinness in front of the TV?

Well I know that I am!

At +Shareable Media we're addicted to #infographic designs. What are the best designs you've come across?

Please help us to get more fans on Facebook by 'Liking' our page! We'd really appreciate it.

Hello and thanks to all of our new followers on here. It's great to see you all, hopefully we can have a chat & 'Hangout' very soon! Do let me know if you would like to receive one of our free white-papers on social media (and specific topics such as Real Estate, Music & Retail).

Jamie 'Shareable'

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What's the best advert you have seen so far in 2012? I love the new 'Temptations' cat treats advert, it's genius!! #marketing #advertising #funnyvideo #cats

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Sarah L Sharp from White Hat Media did a great post for us today at Shareable Media. Please do read it & share if you like it!!
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