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Yaw Owusu-Sarpong
Proud servant of Jehovah
Proud servant of Jehovah
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Best ad of 2014!
3 in 1: Samsung takes on iPad, Surface, and Kindle in just 60 seconds

What do you think of Samsung’s marketing?

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I am on paranoid's kitkat on my galaxy nexus and i love the pop up notifications at the top of the screen. I would absolutely love this feature for in-coming call. I hate calls interrupting my gaming or other app use. Maybe touch to answer and swipe to dismiss. #thinking  

Q4 - MLab, Mobile Web Ghana. #gdayssh  +GDG Ghana 

Q3 - A Day In Tech. #gdayssh  +GDG Ghana 

Q5 - From the movie - The Internship.  #gdayssh  +GDG Ghana 

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Another take on RLG's Uhuru.
I have waited aaa for this review to show up somewhere RLG wants it to be.

I have waited no more.

Ladies & gentlemen, RLG's Uhuru.

I'd share another blog post- the no holds barred version about Uhuru, and everything else - later. :-)

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